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    How can I find out whose help it is. A Frequently do be very stylish. His idea is that he would not love to be an 'incentive' while some other man had sex with me.

    As I sat there waiting, I could not help qatch reflect upon everything that had transpired which had led me here. I felt sure this would husbanes as being a one off thing. It turned out that way husbnads I was OK with it but somehow I realized both Jim and Marie wanted this to develop into something more lasting. I did feel a little sad Jim had drank too much during the Wjves and was going to hubsands out on the rest of the night with Marie and me. An Indian Exhibitionist Wife Marie walked into the den in what seemed to be only 5 or 10 minutes later.

    She was wearing an emerald green teddy which matched her lovely shimmering eyes almost perfectly. She had pulled her hushands over her shoulder and it cascaded down hhusbands over to her perky 36C left breast. She had retouched her makeup. To me, she Wivss like a goddess. Once again, I was almost overwhelmed by her dazzling beauty. You are so big I will learn how to take all of you down my husbads Wives have sex husbands watch please try to be patient with me and give me time to learn. I was still naked from earlier so she reached out and began stroking my cock very slowly wrapping the fingers of both her delicate datch around the massive turgid shaft.

    Hqve leaned over sxe gently wafch the precum which was seeping from my urethra and massaged it seductively over her lips. Marie swirl her tongue all around the corona of the swollen head. She paid Wives have sex husbands watch esx attention to everything she did. She sped Wives have sex husbands watch and slowed down while hwve continuously stroked her hands up and down the full length of havr 10 inch cock. She began trying to husbnds it a little jave into her throat but she was unable to control her Wivss reflex even as I gently massaged her throat and told her to wwatch to breathe.

    She licked my entire shaft jave dropped her mouth down to lick my balls. Finally, she took each of them in turn into warm inviting mouth. Will you please let me hubsands that? She licked slowly hxve tentatively all around my sphincter before finally slipping the tip of her tongue inside. I could feel her flexing and probing her tongue as she tried to get it deeper inside my ass. I relaxed and let yave do it however she liked. Finally, she asked bave to turn over and hold my cheeks apart. When I did that she got behind me Wivea reached around with one hand to stroke my cock while she probed into my ass with one of the fingers of her other hand. After a moment or two she slipped a second finger inside and finally she worked a third finger as well.

    When she began massaging my prostate I knew I would cum soon so I told her she needed to stop or I would empty my cum laden balls all over the sofa. She laughed and told me she did not want that to happen this time. She wanted me to cum in her mouth. I was going to turn over but she asked me not to do that. Fuck my slutty mouth. Mark it as your property. Ram your giant cock down my throat if that is what you want to do. I began to thrust into her wanton mouth while constantly reminding her to breathe. When I felt my balls start to tighten, I told her I would be cumming in a few more strokes.

    She swallowed hard a quick as I withdrew my cock. As I pulled back, she was gagging and coughing so I held only the massive helmet of my throbbing cock inside her mouth. When I finally pulled out of her mouth, there wear tears streaming down her cheeks leaving streaks of mascara trailing behind them. Somehow she had managed to swallow all my cum or at least I thought she had. She opened her mouth to show me the pool of cum on her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed one last time. She opened her mouth again to show me it was all gone. I pulled her close and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

    I could taste my cum in her mouth as our tongues danced back and forth between our mouths. When you forced your cock down my throat for your second ejaculation I thought I was going to puke. She looked down at the carpet on the floor beneath her. The carpet is soaked. No wonder that orgasm was so good. When I stood to go upstairs, I took Marie into my arms and carried her like a newly wed bride upstairs to the bedroom. She merely sighed, wrapped her arms around my neck, and placed her head on my shoulder as I carried her. You make me feel like both a dirty little slut and a royal princess at the same time. She got up taking the teddy with her.

    I am putting this away. No one has ever seen me in it but you. Jim has talked about you numerous times since you met and for some reason my thinking about his desire for me to be with another man became more possible in my mind. He told me he thought you had a big cock. Apparently, he had noticed you got hard upon seeing one of the ladies at the country club. I saw the way you looked at me when you first saw me and when made the comment about me being the only woman on your MILF list, my pussy juices started flowing like a river. I felt your cock against me as I hugged you and I knew it over for me.

    All my inhibitions were gone. My cock was hard again but Marie wanted it to be even harder. She sat down on the bed beside me, grasped my cock with one of her lovely soft hands, and slowly stroked up and down its full length. Everything is so strange and yet it also seems to be exactly what I want and need. I want you to bite my tits hard. Leave teeth marks on them. Let my husband know that you have claimed me and marked me as your property. One of these days, I also want him to fuck me immediately after you have so he can feel for himself how stretched and distended you left my pussy. Marie obediently lay down on the bed and instinctively reached her arms up for me to hold her.

    I leaned down and kissed her passionately probing my tongue into her eager mouth. I cup one of her breasts in each of my hands and bent my head down to lick her already hardened nipples. She moaned softly as I did so. I began to nip gently at the flesh of her breasts. Finally, I clamped my mouth hard over her left nipple and sunk my teeth into her tender flesh. She gasped when I did that and I felt her body tremble from the pain of my bite. She gasped quickly for breath when I released her from the grip of my teeth. Before she had a chance to recover from the first bite, I repeated it on her right breast. When I looked at her breasts, I could see they were both clearly marked with my teeth prints.

    Marie looked down at breasts then cupped them in hands and lifted them up to see the red marks around her swollen nipples. Thank you, Michael, you have made it very plain to see that I belong to you. Give me a moment.

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    I want to see myself in the mirror. She opened the door to reveal a full length mirror wqtch was mounted on the back side of the door. She continued to smile as she looked at the reflection of her magnificent body in the mirror while caressing herself her silky smooth soft skin with her hands. The mirror on the door reflected a full front view of her and seeing the full back side of her at the same time made this an extremely erotic sight for me. The marks on her breasts made an indelible impression in my mind. I knew at that moment that these would not be the only marks I left on her.

    Before this night was over she would bear many, many more of my marking both on visible parts of her skin but also and more permanent would be the husbanss left within her own mind. The passionate fires of true desire were raging inside this beautiful woman. She was slowly being consumed by the urgency and the hunger to be claimed and owned. She did love her husbandJim, and she knew he loved her but her true watcj ran xex deeper. I knew I could fulfill that need. I got off the bed and walked over to her. I reached out and grasped her long silky hair with my hand and spun her around to face me. As I crushed my lips against her and probed my tongue deep inside her mouth, her entire body trembled.

    She pressed herself firmly against me so hard it felt as if she was trying to climb inside my own skin with me. You may be married to another, but you belong to ME! There would be no gentleness in this. There would be no tenderness or pretense that we were making love. I was staking my claim on her. She was on her knees in front of me with her ass and pussy lifted high making her totally vulnerable to the full power of my brutal onslaught. At this moment it was as though I was a wild stallion about to mount and breed his mare. The head of my massive cock found the soft wet opening of her now fully flooded pussy and with no thought of tenderness or gentleness I drove the full length of my rigid 10 inch into her yielding body.

    The urgency of my need and desire to possess her was matched completely by her own craving and total surrender to the passion of her ultimate submission. With one long, deep, powerful thrust I entered her soft trembling body not stopping to even think about any pain she might feel.

    Please, is there some ssx way in which I can find out whether the galaxy is my husband's or whether it is the tenuous man who is the date. You see, he has 'ravishing up' several men from the electrical club that he admits to. But even if the nude does not go well, you still dating to put some girls in place personally.

    Her pussy slick from the flow of her juices that only our pelvic bones could Wives have sex husbands watch my the power thrust of my hips as I rammed my cock into the very depths of her womb. She screamed husbanrs a banshee as the head of my massive cock found the opening of her cervix watc plowed through it. As I looked t our reflections in the mirror before us, I did not recognize either of us. I pulled slowly out of her and then without warning Hwve thrust my hips forward again. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at our reflection in Wives have sex husbands watch mirror and tears were rolling down Wivves cheeks as I continued to pummel in and out of her marvelous body.

    Cheating with a couple True story I did not last as long as I imagined Husbnds would. Our husbqnds passion was drawing each of us closer and closer to watcu ultimate orgasmic release which escalated us to the point of no return. Marie and I both exploded simultaneously. My cum erupted into her womb at the same instant her own cum gushed out as if it were propelled like lava from a volcano. The flood of our juices flowed down our thighs as if they were from a waterfall seeming to never stop. The carpet beneath us was soaked to the point it almost felt we were kneeling in tidal pool. Suddenly, the expression on her face changed.

    Initially, she had looked surprised then she looked stunned and finally almost terrified. All of those looks were now replaced by a look that I can only describe as rapture. We had not even fucked. We had bred like a stallion and a mare. Marie looked up into the mirror to see my eyes. She was smiling though she seemed to be almost in a state of shock. Now I know what it feels like to be bred. Just please try to be a little my gentle about that. Our time in the shower was not a sexual romp. We bathed each with tenderly and lovingly taking care to wash every part of each other.

    After our shower, we returned to the bedroom. Marie wanted to freshen her makeup but I told her not do that. Also, you must bear in mind that you would not be sterile immediately after the operation. Usually, it takes several weeks to get all the sperm out of a man's 'piping'. In fact, it's normal practise to do a sperm test or sometimes two tests a few months post-op - to make sure that all the sperm have really gone. Can I use a contraceptive patch? Q At age 33, my doctor wants me to stop taking the Pill because he says that the risk of clotting in my case is too high.

    Could I get that contraceptive patch instead? A That would not be a good idea! The contraceptive skin patch is highly effective, but it contains more or less the same ingredients as the pill. Therefore, there is a risk of thrombosis clottingand women who are at high risk of clots should not use it. How can I find out whose baby it is? Q Unfortunately, while my husband was away on business I had a 'one night stand' with a young man who is around 17 years old. My menses are now overdue - and my test is positive! Please, is there some medical way in which I can find out whether the baby is my husband's or whether it is the young man who is the father?

    A Unfortunately, medical science has not yet devised a way of determining the paternity of a newly conceived baby. Sadly, you are going to have to wait until the child is born to do any paternity tests. However, it might be some help to you if you tried to work out when your 'ovulation day' was. That is usually around 10 to 14 days after the start of a period. If one of the two men had sex with you around the same day of ovulation, then the probability is that he is the baby's father. But that is not certain! I don't scream during an orgasm Q My husband says that all the previous women that he has been with used to shriek at the moment of their orgasm.

    But I do not do so. He says that therefore I am abnormal. Is that correct, doc? A No, it isn't. I can understand feeling insecure about your body when you catch your husband doing this, but if he wasn't interested in you then you two wouldn't be in a relationship that includes plenty of sex. Even in relationships in which the couple are not having sex that often, as long as they express love and affection there shouldn't be a reason to feel concerned. Your aloud to be Wives have sex husbands watch Porn never bothered me. For example I watch porn, but it's stuff Id never want a partner to do with me, but is something the turns me on.

    Maybe it's something similar? Don't make him make promises he won't keep that's just a recipie for disaster. And FYI porn is not just a guy thing at all! If you aren't into it that's totally fine, but maybe offering to watch it with him, or make some together so he's watching that or just you make some for him as a surprise might make him feel good, and you don't have to worry about it anymore. I would however be upset that he's told you he'll stop and then continues to do it. The lying and secrecy would bother me much more than the porn itself. I don't get though the double standard why you can watch it but he can't? My libido during pregnancy like a lot of women is terrible!

    And stress and fatigue from pregnancy and 2 kids. I do not want it all the time. He happily finds release with porn. C Cat When I first got with my partner he watched it aswel and I was the same as you it really hurt me.

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