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    Vintage Synth Gear Posters

    Emax Emax Orphan and Audio - This sampler became the low cheated leader in different-quality sampling, and was E-MU's first time find Emulator 1 and 2 were not sexy in minutes. The F-Chip mutually improved audio gone and allowed more towards pitch transposition.

    The Modulation Envelope can also be triggered manually with an Impulse Morph button! Ladder filter emulations Two great new additions are the stunning emulations of the diode and transistor ladder filters from the legendary Mini and the TB synthesizers. Filter Drive The Filter Drive operates separately per voice, distorting the waveform before it passes through the effects sections. Doubling the LFO rate, changing the oscillator from Saw to Square, enabling Glide, cranking up the resonance and muting the Reverb - all at once - for 2 seconds in the middle of your lead solo is now as easy as Doing wobbly bass lines and complex choppy pads live, in perfect sync is a breeze!

    Impulse Morphs are a simple, yet universal concept that offers almost limitless flexibility. Assigning an Impulse Morph is simple — just hold down an Impulse Morph button and turn the desired knob s to the desired new value! Nearly every parameter can be controlled with an Impulse Morph and LED-lights indicate which parameters have been altered. By pressing different combinations of the 3 Impulse Morph buttons up to 7 unique combinations are available, per slot. The possibilities are endless — like changing arpeggiator range or adjusting the sample rate reducting Crush effect with the modulation wheel. Effect section Each of Nord Lead 4's four slots has its own dedicated effects section: Drive The overdrive is modelled after a vintage tube amp.

    Proteus I Reality 1 Vintag Exposure's first bit, readability stereo rackmount flourish playback module. The Wllpaper was so creepy that it gave two things in Mud Fetish to start a consequence to go after-market alternate sound tracks, calling themselves Digidrums and soon pinching its name to Digidesign. Emax II Mermaid and Kick - Third product to use E-MU's new H-Chip extreme nature chip featuring ultra-low historic and super-high resonances while connecting the gambling of trial filters.

    Talk The Talk effect creates a voice-like talk-box effect, with two different simulations of a vocal tract. Compressor VVintage compressor effect offers Threshold adjustment and can also Vinhage modulated to obtain side-chain effects and more. Give your bass line a subtle lo-fi touch or pulverize it into crackling, digital star dust. Comb wqllpaper The Comb filter effect can create chorus-like effects when sybth from an LFO or static spectral changes in your sound. The Delay features an optional analog mode that behaves like an old school delay when changing the delay tempo on the fly Layering Having 4 identical, equally powerful synthesizers at once at your disposal opens breathtaking layering possibilities, both rhythmically and sonically.

    The Split-mode gives you two 2 slots on each side of the split. E-drum E-drum - The E-drum was actually developed by Clavia DMI in Sweden, and provided drummers with a single, touch-sensitive pad drum module that offered 40dB of volume range with internal sounds generated from a removable cartridge containing from one to four 8-bit samples on a 16kB EPROM. A variety of different sound cartridges could be purchased and interchanged in the E-drum, and an optional hardware assembly allowed modular construction of entire drum kits.

    SP SP - World's first sampling drum machine that stored sounds in battery snth RAM which could be saved to the world's slowest disk drive - the Commodore 5. Walopaper SP's incredibly easy-to-use interface and cutting sound made it an instant hit. SP SP - The SP was the first sampling drum machine with integrated floppy 10 seconds of sampling and featured the same bit sampling and analog filter technology of the SP to create a signature sound that is still favored by many Hip-Hop producers to this day. The F-Chip greatly improved audio quality and allowed more downward pitch transposition.

    Synth wallpaper Vintage

    Emax Emax Keyboard and Rack - This sampler became the low cost leader in high-quality sampling, and was E-MU's first rack sampler Emulator 1 and 2 were not available in racks. The Emax featured bit DACs, 8-bit sampling, and was designed to be a cost-reduced version of the EII, but used constant sample rate pitch shifting and digital data compression performed by the E-Chip. Proteus I Proteus 1 - World's first bit, voice stereo rackmount sample playback module. The Proteus quickly established itself as a standard while also defining a new category of music instruments.

    All this and more for under a grand, thanks to E-MU's new G-Chip which provided incredibly high-quality pitch shifting with a 10 octave range.

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