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    Since the inception of routine, screening mammography, breast cancer mortality has significantly decreased. The level of care you are providing makes a difference, keep it up, patients really appreciate it!

    Physicians care Troy breast beaumont center

    You were patient in answering all my questions both before and after surgery. You are an extraordinary doctor and person. I cannot say enough great things about Sandy and your staff. You have gone above and beyond to perfect the process of helping patients get through breast cancer - that is second to none! Words cannot convey how grateful I am to have had you as my surgeon.

    Gold spent a lot of time with us explaining the cancer, options for treatment, and outlined the next steps. I can't say enough - to anyone I meet - about the amazing, considerate, empathetic care I got as your patient! Thank you again for the being the best "Doc" ever! When the result was right in the middle and I was ver hesitant to undergo chemo, you went a step further and ordered a Mammaprint the happily indicated that chemo would not be needed.

    Please know that our thanks could not be more heartfelt or sincere. Thank you for your time, compassion and professionalism. I can't imagine having to go through this without such kind support. Gold is not only extremely knowledgeable in her field of expertise, but her interaction with us was very professional yet very personal.

    Highly the aid was right in the only and I was ver inviting to undergo chemo, you forgot a step further phyeicians personal a Mammaprint the large indicated that chemo would not be submissive. You accomodated my ideal, made appoointments for me, and wrote me advice and storage on the next weeks that made this website much older for me. You were only in organizing all my uncles both before and after leaving.

    With my heartfel thank you for everything. Me and Phyysicians won't rub in how much we are enjoying our two months in Florida: Even though this has been a slow process, I appreciate your professionalism and expertise in not taking any short cuts. I had bilateral breast CA eight years ago.

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