• Swollen neck glands in adults

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    Signs and Symptoms of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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    The thyroid gland straddles the lowest part of the neck near the Adam's apple. Is your swelling confined to the area close to your Adam's apple? No, the swelling is not in this part of my neck. Sometimes it is difficult to know if your "swollen glands" are enlarged lymph nodes or enlarged salivary glands. The main salivary glands are the parotid gland that sits on the sides of the face in front of the ears. The other salivary glands are located just under the jaw line. There are lymph nodes in the same areas. It can be difficult to determine if a swelling is a lymph node or salivary gland. Call your doctor to schedule an appointment.

    If a salivary gland is swollen, you may have a blocked salivary duct or an infection. Lymph nodes swell when they get gkands of white blood cells. Glamds have many lymph nodes — total — in other places in your glanxs. They usually swell near whatever body part is sick or injured. Your neeck has three main areas that can become sore: These are multiple lymphatic soft tissue masses that are suspended throughout the back of your mouth. Also known as your voice box, the larynx is used for breathing and preventing aspiration of foreign objects into the trachea.

    This is the passageway from your mouth and nose down to your esophagus and trachea. Usually, a sore throat and swollen glands lymph nodes are not symptoms of something serious. However, there are many other potential causes. Contact your doctor if: The common cold is usually a harmless fact of life. Along with a sore throat, colds can cause: Colds are caused by a virus and therefore cannot be cured with antibiotic therapy. Sometimes, they can become swollen and inflamed to fight illnesses like tonsillitis.

    In Swollen neck adults glands

    This condition is most common in children, but adults can also contract it. Other areas of the body where you might feel swollen lymph glandss include: Behind your ears The lower aduots of the back of your head Your armpits Your groin area Symptoms and Signs Under normal circumstances, you should not be able to feel your glands. Normally, they are approximately one half inch in diameter. However, when you or your child fights off an illness, these glands may swell to double or triple their regular size. At this point, they can be felt very easily.

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    These are usually not painful. Although enlarged lymph nodes are a common symptom of lymphoma, they are much more often caused by infections. Lymph nodes that grow in reaction to infection are called reactive nodes or hyperplastic nodes and are often tender to the touch. Symptoms from lymphoma in the abdomen Lymphomas that start or grow in the abdomen belly can cause swelling or pain in the abdomen. This could be from lymph nodes or organs such as the spleen or liver enlarging, but it can also be caused by the build-up of large amounts of fluid.

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