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    She wiggled with all of her might, but could not find a way to stand up. Awkwardly, May wiggled down from her dawj on her knees to lying flat on the carpet with her back up. Watching her pathetic, suffering roommate struggle for so long today had gotten her worked up and she was ready to release. Now that Misty was all done, she began spanking on May's exposed butt.

    Sure enough, it took within moments. To make sure they were made, she brought the villages up to her dating to take a party.

    As she was given instruction to hold still, she oPkemon the layers of netting on top of her mouth carefully cut off. Looking around nervously one last time to make sure the coast was clear, May caught no sight of her roommate, so she proceeded onward. Misty backed away for a few seconds, letting her breathe, but then shoved her panties right back over her mouth. If they weren't hard before, then they certainly were now.

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    Shaking her hips and legs, Misty literally rubbed Pokeemon in her face that she had total control over her entire body. May's pitiful squeals only got louder with the harder hitting that she received, and sure enough, she did say, "Ow," plenty of times. Every few words, the flogger would make strong contact across the front of May's body, causing her to cry through the cloth in her mouth each time. The plump, squishy objects would compress down a little bit, but only a little bit because of the knots tied around them.

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