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    Erotic Poems

    Notwithstanding the possible, Royaii discounts his espacementalistic imageries of this Podtry However, whether it accommodates his selfishness or not, he does to complete his large blue in this pompous:.

    Despite its name, it includes poems on both love and lust, and their myriad variations. Poems range from explicit to symbolic to mundane. Though, I liked the whole collection very much, I have a few gripes with it. Except for central theme of sex, nothing holds these poems together. It includes works by classical antiquity poets Petronius and Catullus to 16thth century poets Shakespeare, Herrick an Poetry should taste like sex, says Catullus. It includes works by classical antiquity poets Petronius and Catullus to 16thth century poets Shakespeare, Herrick and Donne to contemporary poets. Also included are a few translated poems.

    It would have been better if years of publication and original languages were mentioned.

    Sex love and Poetry of

    But I'm just nitpicking, poetry can be enjoyed in any language without any background. This was my first collection of poetry ever. Until now I used to think poetry is not for me but this book changed that view. Since starting this, I've bought about half a dozen books on poetry and poetry criticism to get most out of them. Everyone who is fond of poetry or erotica should read this collection. Finally, I leave you with this eternal poem by Robert Herrick. An important issue in hajm poetry is its specific poetic diction.

    Hajm poetry also, as a Poetrt look at universe which tries to bring forth ot show the untouched trivialities requires to have a new form whether linguistic or poetic. As a result, we can often see how Nimayi,s poetic diction and images of New Potry are modified and andd distorted. Reality in hajm poetry is incongruent to everyday visible, audible, and sensible things. And it is the mission of hajm poetry to try to manifest such concealed, say, trivialities. What Hajm poetry requires sed to do is emancipation from old algebrized restrictions of metaphoric language of poems Poeetry former ages and also from overused word-juxtapositions and poetic collocation of other forms of poetry; it requires us to attempt Poetrg achieve new and creative language for poetry, and try to create novel arrangements of words.

    Loev as chemical matters could be combined to make new chemical production, live also have such capacity to be Poetry of love and sex and juxtaposed in new ways to produce fresh forms. A Hajm poet utilizes more of musing than imagination, though imagination is inevitably a part of artistic production. And we as readers, in order to grasp such poetry, should stand in a different place and look at things from a new point. Royaii, in his definition of Hajm poetry, relates it to the role of mental activity of the reader and says. There are poets who create superficies, and satisfy a reader who can discover the superficies.

    Royaii presents different subject-matters in the territory of espacementalism. John Donne was born in During the years of employment in court, Donne falls in love with a young aristocratic girl, Anne More, and secretly marries her, which, results in his being incarcerated and losing his position in the court and his becoming a depressed, poor, and isolated figure for some years before King James asks him to enter The Church and become a priest. His apostasy and particularly his secret marriage are two important turning points in his life and poetic career. Of wit, thus defined, they have more than enough. The most heterogeneous ideas are yoked by violence together; nature and art are ransacked for illustration.

    And it can be taken as a rebel against previous forms of poetry, and injecting a fresh blood in the body of literature. Both John Donne and Yadollah Royaii, as avant-garde poets of their ages, when presented their novel thoughts to the world of the literature of their times, were sent into exile for a long time: Donne remained unknown for about two centuries; and also Royaii after about 40 years of presentation of his manifesto of espacementalism, still lives in anonymity, though nowadays he has found young followers. Both Royaii and Donne try to picture the emotional feelings of lovers and also sexy scenes through intellectual and nonphysical imageries.

    For both of them, the experience and the imagination of a love-affair are more appealing than the lady addressed in their poems, and because of this, they could off criticized- and sometimes are- by feminist critics and be accused of misogyny we will more talk about this accusation later in this paper. At Poetrt end two of virtuous love poems, one for Donne and pove other for Royaii will be analyzed and compared to each other. In order to clarify this matter Nutt adds: It is the experience itself [experience of love] and its maddening ambiguities which drive Donne to lve about it so frequently.

    So we come to the function of mind. What is more important to Donne is the thought and philosophy of everything he takes in order to form it in the mould of poetry. And in another place, she feministically attacks Donne by stating: The stated intent of such poems is the dehumanization of woman. She becomes an edible commodity; usable goods which, when sampled, are rendered worthless; game to be flushed out and killed; a mindless piece of flesh without individuality, whose feelings are expressly not to be taken into account qtd. Oh stay, three lives in one flea spare, Where we almost, any more than married are.

    This flea is you and I, and this Our marriage bed and marriage temple is; Though parents grudge, and you, we are met, And cloistered in these living walls of jet Donne In this poem, Donne turns the usual give —and- take of love making into a bargain; Donne offers twenty hours of his age for every one hour that his mistress spends with him and makes him enjoy it. What ever dyes, was not mixt equally; If our two loves be one, thou and I Love so alike, that none doe slacken, none can die Donne 1. However Donne seems not to be satisfied with it yet: Although the interpretation just made of this line —that of sinking the two heads into each other — would possibly believable if one can apply the prescription of S.

    Analyze and advice of Donne's cancer was not reignited by ok poets such as T. Background in hajm learning is incongruent to pornographic visible, stored, and sensible things. The Tenderness of Being.

    In the final 3 lines of the poem, Donne implicitly refers to a philosophical theory — that is the Scholastic Philosophy — in order to persuade his addressee that, if they can be in love spiritually or even be united physically and try to loove one, they will achieve immortality. Although, from what can be decided as the nature of Hajm Poetr Hajm poetry is considered to have no or very little relation amd love and emotionality, it is possible to say that such a kind of poetry oof from human beings not a lifeless thing; Yadollah Royaii as a man, possesses all the emotional characteristics that every man has in general and no matter how he tries to portray things without passion for Hajm poems, he cannot help leaking of passionate feelings out of his mind onto the paper.

    For him, love is not a station to relax in: At this point, we cnan attennd a possible similarity between John Donne and Yadollah Royaii: Royaii who is often seeking for the third and hidden dimension of every experience, in a similar way to Donne, is drowned ses his fancies and tries to bring on llve paper that hidden dimension of his sexual experience. For Royaii, love has an abstract quality and cannot have any other concrete dimension out of itself, and it may be because of this that Royaii deals more with concrete matters and physical body, and is inclined more to bodily poems. In order to make it clearer, let us analyze some of his poems which encompass amorous elements.

    All this poem circles around one central issue and that is a love affair or a sexual experience that the speaker of the poem has with his mistress. The time of its occurrence is now; that is, it might be said that right now he and she are in a mutual love-making or in a sexual practice. From the beginning, Royaii starts his espacementalistic imageries of this affair: In the next stanza, Royaii affirms that, he wants to appreciate and grasp the unspeakable truth or the third dimension of their experience in espacementalistic point of view that their body limbs cannot express: I want to appreciate those unspeakable facts which are concealed behind the pieces of your body; and also I want to understand the truth of you which is carried on the shoulder of these body parts with the pieces my body: And in the next two lines he informs his silent mistress she is also doing so: After the climax their affair, we get to the end of the poem: Now we get to this point that just as John Donne who based on the analysis of some of his poems is indifferent to the ladies, and only deals with the thought of a relationship with a lady, Royaii also seems to be indifferent to the lady addressed in the just-discussed poem; for Royaii, it seems, neither the love of the lady nor the thought of a relationship is important; what is for him of high importance is the unnoticed aspect of that relationship which is to be detected via the connection of two lovers.

    In Rapture which is another erotic poem of Royaii from his book Of I Love You, there is a far more beautiful and surprising erotic scenery in comparison to the former poem of him: To the motility of flesh To the darkness of the black butterfly To the greed of the carnivore flower To the side and base, to the end of the quanat To your femaleness Invite me. The fall of muscular power Passage in sulphur Breathing in the vestibule Being suffocated Being surrounded Leaping into laxity Leaping into sleep Forgetting the eyelashes The characteristics of marsh… -Aah… -Is there the sound of smoke?

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