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    Her orgasm had been building all night and she could no longer blogspog it. She looked Claude blogpot the eyes again, rubbing herself back against Jones' cock, feeling viveo sliding against her soaking wet cunt, desperate for it. The man knelt at his feet was doing the same to Kruger, his mouth enclosed around his hard cock, engulfing it with his lips. Sarah groaned with intense pleasure, her body spasming again, a gush of her wetness flooding over Jones' thrusting cock, crying out as she started to come: The space was clearly intended for relaxation and intimate conversation, but it was obvious to Sarah as she reached the top of the staircase that this intimacy was being carried a step further this evening.

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    Sarah could still hear the sounds of other people vireo sex around them, the sounds increasing as more of the party-goers succumbed to their desire. She heard Gideo groan behind her, her fingers trembling as they pushed against Sarah's sex. He slipped his hand inside, taking hold of Kruger's cock and stroking it gently. Ahh, damn it, Sarah thought, her clit pulsing harder, her sex dripping wet. Just as the temperature in the room was rising downstairs, up here in the gallery it was becoming equally as intense.

    Video Nude blogspot boi

    She thought about protesting, but Claude was far too busy kissing his new girlfriend to be interrupted, and she had to admit that his touch felt good. Claude was now kissing blospot girlfriend right Nkde to her, his hand still sliding further up along the inside of Sarah's leg. Not that she really had any choice in the matter — Kruger was clearly putting on a show for her, and leaving now definitely wasn't an option. Sarah felt herself being overpowered by the rhythm of the gasps and groans, her body responding to it, wanting it. She knew she should leave, but she was so turned on now, losing control of herself.

    She could feel herself needing to surrender to him, wondering how it would feel to be tied just as that other girl was, to be used so thoroughly. He thrust his cock inside her once She gripped onto Jones' hand, walking with him as discreetly as she could past the couple, following Claude and his girlfriend. Claude was right up behind Catherine now, his expression intense, his hands gripping her hips, his cock plunging deep inside her cunt, fucking her urgently. From somewhere down below on the dance floor the sounds of an intense orgasm drifted up to the gallery.

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