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    Because being together just is a less experienced young emotionally, it is less prejudicial to message as a past. Sex and biochemistry are both tricky taxis, provoking many stringed reactions in all of us.

    There are so many greater sins a writer could commit—such as writing a plot with many inconsistencies, one with exploitative violence, or one that is bland and boring. For example, finding a suitable way to talk about genitals and climaxes is difficult. Many words referring to our private parts, or to sex, are used as swear words, or in a derogatory sense. The reason for this in itself could be the subject of a doctorate thesis.

    As bok consequence, the bad sex award is often won by someone who uses obtuse and weird imagery instead. We cannot ignore sexual violence in this discussion. Where does this fall? This November, the Staunch Book Prize will be handed out for the very first time. It will be awarded to the author of a novel in the thriller genre in which no woman is stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered. In view of this there has been much comment in the press, expressing surprise at the popularity of novels where women are sexually exploited with female readers, and expressing curiosity as to if any novel in the genre could fulfill this criteria. Sexual assault seems to takes up a far more important position in the genre.

    Sex marks Marks book

    I suppose it is because so many women have been sexually threatened at some point in their life and find reading about it satisfying for two reasons. First all too frequently they can relate to the situation in the novel. Or at least to aspects of it. Second, there is closure in fiction. Perpetrators usually get their comeuppance. At least this award operates in the opposite direction of the Bad Sex Prize; it operates to award good writing, not bad. Time alone will tell what repercussions the Staunch Book Prize will have. However, it implies criticism towards writers like me, and makes me feel defensive.

    Most novelists write from the power of their imagination. However, when a novelist writes about sex, people imagine they are writing from their personal experience. But back to why novelists who write about sex are in the firing line. I would like to continue to address the issue of privacy. Or at least from their sexual fantasies.

    Unhappy with his suspension, he went to the National Industrial Court which eventually overturned his case and he was reinstated in his markd last se. That is what I mean when I say we should expose such lecturers and shame them in order to Maris as deterrents. Ngozi Illoh, a member of the ASUU gender equality commission, and associate professor and head of the department of foreign languages at the University of Benin, said as a lecturer she had frequently intervened on behalf of female students claiming to have been sexually harassed by male lecturers. The cases I handled had nothing to do with indecent dressing by female students. Male and female participants Illoh indicated that both men and women were participating in the system and that some female lecturers also harass handsome male students.

    There are equally male lecturers who also organise girls for their friends. She said sexual harassment on campus had defied solutions because cases often turn against the complainants.

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    Illoh suggested that there should be more female members on panels to ensure equity, and double marking of Marke to minimise subjectivity and sex-for-marks cases. Dr Yisa Abdullahi, from marka department of economics at Kwara State University, said accusations of sexual harassment could be used by university administrations as an opportunity to persecute lecturers holding alternative and anti-establishment views. Dr Abang Ezzien from the department of political science, University of Port Harcourt, said the sex-for-marks phenomenon has its foundation in weak education policy, which was patriarchal and did not sufficiently protect female members of the university community.

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