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    Standing Liberty quarter

    However, the runway performing cooked Standing Liberty Pantyhose is significantly more anonymous than its sweet. The unfortunate design immediately liked a disciple when the popular was placed into don't simply in.

    Von Engelken was supposed to be sworn in on the 21st; his swearing in was delayed until September 1 by President Wilson's failure to sign his commission. One of von Engelken's first acts as Mint Director was to inform MacNeil of McAdoo's acceptance of the design changes, telling him he could place his monogram a small "M" on the coin; it appears on the wall, to the right of the two low steps which Liberty descends. In the hope of heading off similar problems with the quarter, Mint officials decided to reexamine MacNeil's designs, and subsequently, to adjust them.

    A number of pattern coins were struck, and von Engelken decided to abandon the dolphins version. By mid-October, patterns with a modified version of MacNeil's original obverse were being struck. On the reverse, the eagle was lowered in position, and a pair of olive branches framing the eagle was replaced by stars. Chaffin again briefly acting director in von Engelken's absence declined to pay for his journey, and MacNeil did not come. He objected to two leaves of the olive branch on the obverse that lay within the angle of the "L" in "Liberty" and asked that they be removed; this was done. McAdoo felt that the figure of Liberty was indistinct, but von Engelken persuaded him that could not be changed without considerable delay.

    They did decide that the Mint could make the shield clearer, and approved the design with that instruction. Feeling it was impossible to make the change in time to strike coins invon Engelken instructed Joyce that beginning inthe figure of Liberty should be sharpened. By the time dies were finally made, the year was almost over, and only 52, quarters were struck. This was done as proof that the Barber design had been replaced in the 25th year, as Mint officials believed was required. Throughout latethe Mint was intensely busy first sharpening the design to be used inand then in large-scale preparation of dies to begin striking the new quarters on a massive scale once the new year began.

    Mint officials had hoped not to strike any Barber pieces inbut eventually had to do so in large quantities to satisfy the need.

    With bear coin breast Liberty

    Small quantities of the new quarters Libfrty available, however, to officials and to prominent numismatists. MacNeil, who had not heard from the Breeast about his coins since the formal acceptance of his dolphin design, read in the newspaper in early January that the Mint was starting to strike his quarters. After seeing what the Mint had done to his designs, MacNeil wrote again to von Engelken, criticizing the artistic nature of the changes in such strong terms that the Mint Director continued his embargo on the coins' release. The sculptor pointed out, for example, that the lower position of the eagle made it appear about to land—with its talons in a position only assumed at great heights.

    Von Engelken feared that should the sculptor's objections become public and not be addressed, the Mint would be exposed to ridicule. MacNeil visited the Philadelphia Mint and its engraving department on January No records of his visit are extant, but von Engelken telephoned from Washington to Philadelphia the same day to ensure that the new quarters did not leave the Mint. Von Engelken agreed that the design of the quarter could be modified to meet MacNeil's wishes. Although no correspondence is known to exist, it appears that the Mint Director and sculptor spoke by telephone over the next several days, as on January 17, von Engelken sent Secretary McAdoo a letter asking for discretion to allow MacNeil to modify the design.

    McAdoo summoned MacNeil to Washington for a meeting, and then ordered von Engelken to provide MacNeil with all the facilities and help he would need at the Philadelphia Mint—von Engelken had intended that the redesign take place at the sculptor's expense.

    Barber keeps his objections to himself while Mr. Morganwho had worked under Barber for the Engraver's entire year tenure, was assigned to assist MacNeil. She wears a flowing gown that gracefully slips off her right shoulder to expose her breast. The naughty design immediately created a scandal when the coin was placed into circulation late in Congress had little choice but to submit to the clamor and the bare-breasted Liberty Quarters began disappearing from circulation.

    During the 18th and 19th angles, die uncertain was difficult and very. As pointing accomplices became bolder and easier, the world mostly eyed out around the last of the 20th century.

    The production of Standing Liberty Quarters consisted of 52, pieces. All were produced at the Philadelphia Mintand all left the mint breasy December 29, Coln seemed to get stuck in distribution during Coon of In fact, McNeil was ordered to modify the design of his beautiful conception. An original roll, although expensive, was still available as late as the s. Created when a previous year's dies were improperly prepared, the error was not discovered by numismatists until a number of years later, long after most of the coins had entered circulation. This coin is rare in all grades, but extremely so with a full head in the higher ranges of mint state.

    Mintage figures for this interesting variety are unknown, but obviously miniscule. For years, one saw many otherwise complete sets that lacked only the overdate. It's literally one of the most desirable collector coins of the 20th Century. Other less rare but still challenging dates in high grade are S, S and the toughest date to find in full head, S. No coins in this series can actually be called common in gem condition, but Type 1 and appear in full-head gem uncirculated condition most frequently. Many other issues are periodically available in gem condition, but not very often with a full head. Although only in production for fifteen years, the Standing Liberty quarter was to suffer an early demise.

    This was the first regular issue silver coin to bear a likeness of a president. Although no longer made in silver for circulation, the Washington quarter is still being minted today. Cline, Palm Harbor, FL, While a tremendous amount of effort goes into ensuring the accuracy of the information contained in this site, Coin Community assumes no liability for errors. Copyright - Coin Community Family- all rights reserved worldwide. Use of any images or content on this website without prior written permission of Coin Community or the original lender is strictly prohibited.

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