• Hro amateur radio

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    Ham Radio Outlet – Catalog

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    I like the fact it shows amateud level. The two most distinctive features of this radio were its use of a micrometer -type dial, and plug-in sets of tuning coils that slid into a full-width opening at the bottom of the front panel. Instantly can tell if they have what I want.

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    As mentioned by a previous reviewer, if you just type in the manufacturers name a plethora of products that interface with equipment from this manufacturer come up - that's actually very helpful. You are able to search by keywords, model number, or use the manufacturer drop-down to list all items by that manufacturer. Perfect for my iPod sized screen and iI can find something in an instant. This is a programming bug or a quirk of how their database works - should be fixable.

    Radio Hro amateur

    HRO seems like a good company but this ap is useless, rwdio, and only seems to amatsur so they can say they have an ap. One can still find HRO receivers dating back to the original model that have been restored by vintage amateur radio enthusiasts and other hobbyists. According to several accounts, Herbert Hoover, Jr. The dial, [10] designed by Willam Graydon Smith, allowed for continuous analog tuning while digitally indicating incremental progress over a range of ten full turns of the large tuning knob that tuned with velvet smoothness.

    Obviously it's not as full features as their website but that's what I expect from a mobile app. It's not a website replacement. Thanks I have no interest in checking every single link to see if it might be something I might want.

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