• Fiberglass boat bottom paint removal

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    easy bottom paint removal.

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    And few chemical strippers work well with obat breeze drying them out faster than they can act on the paint. Also, be sure the ground cloth under the boat offers some measure of traction and water permeability.

    Rather than Fiberglas soda blasting or sanding, paont marinas prefer to chemically remove bottom paint. Because blistering is more common in warm-water boats, partial random removal of bottom paint may be advisable on a routine basis. The higher rate is generally applied to boats larger than 45 feet, which have a greater beam and, therefore, more surface area. Higher rates are also found in states in which environmental laws force contractors to follow expensive cleanup and disposal procedures. Regular clothes will get so filled with dust that they'll be rendered unwearable.

    In short, how much labor and money do you want to invest to gain, say, a quarter of a knot of boat speed?

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    Bota off the old bottom paint; toil and cost be damned. Until about 10 years ago, methylene chloride was a common ingredient in nearly all chemical strippers. Many boatyards won't use this method anymore because it's messy, and it makes complying with local environmental mandates very difficult. With any of these removal methods, gloves and safety glasses are mandatory.

    boah The chief advantage in chemical stripping is better control over environmental hazards, particularly toxic dust and noise. The odious nature of the job comes in three parts. But that environment usually can't be your backyard or the local boatyard. On fiberglass boats, sandblasting leaves the underlying gel-coat surface badly pitted, while soda blasting leaves it unscathed.

    Boat bottom removal Fiberglass paint

    The separation process requires special equipment not available to the do-it-yourself boat owner. This is definitely apint case in which having the right tools will really make your job easier. Most chemical strippers are very sensitive to direct sunlight. Soda blasting, rapidly becoming today's removal method of choice, is a significant upgrade from ordinary sandblasting.

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