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    remove leading whitespace from a string:

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    Examples The following example uses the String. Trim method to remove stip extra white space from strings entered by the user Conskle concatenating them. Write "Enter your first name: Write "Enter your middle name or initial: Write "Enter your last name: John ' Enter your middle name or initial: Doe ' ' You entered ' John ', '', and ' Doe'. Remarks The Trim method removes from the current string all leading and trailing white-space characters.

    Each leading and trailing trim operation stops when a non-white-space character is encountered. For example, if the current string is " abc xyz ", the Trim method returns "abc xyz". To remove white-space characters between words in a string, use. Diving in with ES6 template strings Having seen template strings I jumped right in only to find this happening. Don't push me, and I won't push you. But hang-on what does it output?

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    So here is us, on the raggedy edge. Dammit - so by default template strings preserve leading whitespace like heredoc in PHP which is kind of a memory I'd buried. Ok so reading more on the subject of es6 template strkpprocessing template strings differently is possible with tag functions. Tags are functions that allow you to process the template string how you want. Making a template tag With that in mind I thought OK, I'm going to make a tag to make template strings have no leading whitespace on multiple lines but still handle var interpolation as by default. Here's the code es6 note a simpler version is linked to at the end of this post if you're not using full-fat es6 via babel: If the original source string was setup as follows:

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