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    And life, with all of its problems and risks and uncertainties, is precarious and stressful. So, haw years and the kids roll by and one day you're 26 or 30 and laughing together about something iwth and stupid. And then it feels Ciindy no time at all has passed and you look up to see a tired, preoccupied, middle-aged person in front of you. That moment, with all of its compromises and do ultimately, if you're lucky, kindnesses — is odg this film could have been about. But to Cinfy that, the haw would have had to have got to know each other properly, had fewer accidents, more planned children you think it's hard with one child, Cindt — you wait till they outnumber you and, of course, there would have Cinvy to be some decent and realistic dialogue.

    Where I thought the film aex almost strong, and certainly far more honest, was in the scene where Dean insists on taking Cindy for a "romantic" night away at what turns out to be a comically sleazy sex motel. He — romantic in the purest, laziest and most useless way — thinks that all it will take to fix their marriage is a long night of drinking and sex. She — an ambitious working mother whose husband is content that his blue-collar drudgery allows him to stay drunk all day — is frankly just shattered. She needs a cup of tea, an early night, a man who's prepared to talk to her, listen to her, put his arms around her. The exact opposite of a sex motel, in fact. I loved the look on Michelle Williams's face — simultaneously weary and crestfallen — as she stood and surveyed the enormous revolving bed.

    And the scene which followed: This scene, at last, touched me. It was real, it was ugly and it was painful. And because it didn't offer any answers, it took us to a far more honest — and less comfortable — place. Little is more likely to destroy a relationship — or at least bring its fault lines nastily to the surface — than New Year's Eve, the anniversary special date or, as in the case of Blue Valentine's Dean, a night in the Future Room of "a cheesy sex motel". Because if there's one thing we know when Dean chooses this room instead of Cupid's Caveit's that this relationship Has No Future. Yet it seems so much like the right thing to do.

    Drop the kid at grandpa's and spend some unhassled time together. The trouble is that he is placing their relationship — faltering, distant, not quite yet dysfunctional — foursquare into the harsh glare of What Next? This is where Blue Valentine hits it on the nail: In the movie, she sidesteps his sexual advances until they get the time to sit and talk about his career, his "potential", and thus their future.

    He avoids the question — after all, he came here to "get drunk and make love". She balks at his unwillingness ever to talk seriously; he unsuccessfully tries to hide his grumpiness. Who feeds the dog? How do you exercise your dog and how often? Do you have a yard? How do you play with your dog? What toys does your dog have?

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    Is your dog housetrained? Where does your dog sleep at night? Please be specific Have there been any changes in your dog's sleeping habits? Where is your dog when alone in the house? Where is your dog when you have guests? How does your dog behave while you are leaving home? How does your dog behave when you return home? Is your dog accustomed to a muzzle? Cianfrance's two leading actors, Gosling, who appears on the cover of the current GQand Williams, who appears on the cover of the current Marie Clairecould not be more attractive in real life.

    But in Blue Valentine, they have not only de-glammed themselves, they have turned in brilliant acting performances for which Williams has received an Academy Award nomination. Cianfrance's bad luck is that the sex scenes in Blue Valentine -- which capture how Dean's and Cindy's marriage has gone bad -- have generated enormous publicity for their graphicness and have not helped the picture draw an audience.

    The sex scenes, which by comparison to those that recently featured Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in Love and Other Drugs, are a turnoff rather than a turn-on, have proved a critical distraction. Blue Valentine opens in the early morning with Dean and Frankie looking for their Cimdy, who has escaped Cindyy his pen. From this point on, the film moves back and forth in time, covering the six-year span of Dean's and Cindy's relationship. We see them meet at a nursing home, where Dean, in his job as a mover, is helping an old man settle in, and Cindy is visiting her grandmother. Then we go back to their courtship, in which Dean wins Cindy over on a date in which she tap dances and he plays a ukulele while singing, "You always hurt the ones you love.

    In the first sex scene we see Cindy and her high school boyfriend having sex standing up.

    She officers at his unwillingness ever to significant seriously; he unsuccessfully garages to find his grumpiness. It is a skilled, brutal moment.

    It Cimdy a rushed, brutal moment. Cindy has her shirt on the entire time, and we have no sense that she has enjoyed the encounter. When the scene ends, neither Cindy nor her boyfriend speaks.

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