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    30 Tips to Get Lean, Strong Legs Faster

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    Make sure to supplement your hard work at sexyy gym with a healthy, balanced diet that contains enough calories to lose or maintain your weight.

    Eat whole, unprocessed foods and drink plenty of water to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to stay energized and perform elgs during your training sessions. In addition to strengthening the ligaments of the knee, all the other muscles in the legs are being worked as well— quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. Wear a Pedometer All photos In addition to your workouts, try wearing a pedometer and setting a daily goal of 10, steps. Adding in more daily activity can help you burn more calories and gets results faster without having to log in extra time at the gym.

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    Oegs Sure to Rest Your Legs 15 of 30 All photos If you experience delayed onset eexy soreness be sure to allow your muscles to recover between hours before hitting the weights hard again, recommends Rick Richey, levs certified celebrity trainer and owner of R2Fitness in New York City. Delayed onset muscle soreness usually occurs after intense, high-level exertion workouts, and rest is necessary to allow your muscles time to recover and develop strength. You can do cardio or focus on another Legd of workout while you wait for your legs to recover.

    Start incorporating sprints into your next cardio workout by moving as fast All sexy legs you can for 15 seconds with plenty of recovery in between up to three times during your session. Be Kind to Your Knees 17 of 30 All photos Knee pain is one of the most common injuries that can sideline you from a good leg workout. Just be sure to take good care of your knees and prevent injury by doing exercises with proper form, and use good running technique if you are a runner. Stand Up More Often During Your Day 18 of 30 All photos Getting out of your chair more frequently during the day will not only help work your legs more, it may also help shrink your waistline and improve your health.

    A recent study from the University of Queensland, Australia found that out of 5, office workers, those who stood more often during their work day had a waist size that was 4. Aim to stand up for at least 15 minutes out of every hour while on the job for faster results. Tight muscles feel the same way. Foam rolling acts like a deep tissue massage that can help release adhesions in your muscles that may be limiting your range of motion or performance during your workouts. Often we get stuck in a rut and use the same exercises over and over again. Mix up your leg training to target all those lower body muscles from different angles," says Bagshaw.

    Book a session with a trainer to have them develop a program you can work with that has you lunging and squatting through all planes of movement. The maximum speed you should lower your body is 4 seconds from standing to full bend. Complete repetitions at this weight. Try one repetition slowly, one at a medium pace and one explosively fast. This is a great way to incorporate power training into your strength training routine and speed up your results.

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