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    City priests are sex pests, nun says

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    Nuns detailed the sexual pressure they endured from priests; nearly two dozen nuns, former nuns and priests, and others said they had direct knowledge of such incidents. Get Today's Headlines in your inbox: The day's top stories delivered every morning. Sign Up Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here Still, the problem is cloaked by a powerful culture of silence. Some believe it is rare. Almost none talk about it readily, and most speak only on the condition that they not be identified. But this summer, one nun forced the issue into the open. When repeated complaints to church officials brought no response, the year-old nun filed a police complaint against the bishop who oversees her order, accusing him of raping her 13 times over two years.

    The accuser and the nuns who support her are now pariahs, isolated from the other sisters, many of whom defend the bishop. Like the sister, barely out of her teens, teaching in a Catholic school in the early s. It was exhausting work, and she was looking forward to time at a New Delhi retreat center.

    Sex Priests and nuns

    The nun is a forceful woman who has spent years working with the poor. But when she talks about the retreat her voice grows quiet. Advertisement One night, a priest in his 60s who was supposed to be leading the nuns in reflection went to a neighborhood party. He came back late and knocked at her room. She could smell the alcohol. But the priest forced his way in, tried to kiss her and grabbed at her body. Weeping, she pushed him back enough to slam the door. Afterward she quietly told her mother superior, who let her avoid meeting the priest again. She also wrote anonymously to church officials.

    ad The priest was re-assigned. But there were no public reprimands, no warnings to other nuns. But beneath the confessions and exposes of the wayward priests, lies tales of how nuns engage in sex within the otherwise conservative church known for an uncompromising stance on celibacy. Men and women who have committed to serve the Lord, exercise a simply life devoid of marriage, sex and acquisition of worldly material within the Catholic hierarchy involving the Pope, cardinals, arch-bishops, ordinary bishops, priests, seminaries and nuns. The church has an almost a repressive regime on sexual practices, with those truly committed to spiritual matters being made to take celibacy and poverty vows.

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    In Kenya, the celibacy oath is silently abused. When a few months ago John Karimi from Kirinyaga quit the church, the Father painted a picture of a church deceiving itself and the flock. He hinted of deep-rooted sexual activities among nyns and nuns. More often than not I would sleep with a woman and the following day on Sunday I'm at the altar delivering a sermon and giving out sacrament. About four months forward, a nun is living in fear in Nairobi. She does not want to fall into the sex trap, allegedly orchestrated by a clique of well-connected priests, claimed to enjoy the ear of a priest close to Cardinal John Njue. Information pieced together points to an underground activity, in which the priests and nuns are intimately connected, but the practice is swept under the carpet, rarely reaching the attention of Njue.

    Father Vincent Wambugu, the secretary general of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops KCCB could neither deny or confirm the sex allegations saying that he needs snd information so as to give an informed response. By virtue of his position, Wambugu speaks on behalf of all Catholics in the country. When pressed further whether at any time there have been cases of priests harassing and engaging in sex with the nuns, the Father said: I am not aware of that and may not comment on it conclusively. This was well illustrated by Karimi when he quit the church embracing marriage.

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