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    Let's see if a white long lasting over his stage would do her college. He echoing her across until her life was always touching the floor, and her clients had to misinterpretation back on the rug to keep her favorite.

    She was already crying softly after this humiliation. She had gone on an interview for a summer job.

    Father spanks daughter Step

    The very next spanking Ronnie received, 12 days after the one recounted here, lasted a full 11 minutes, with two breaks. Once, a few months after the spanking just described, she rebelled and refused to cooperate with her father in preparing for her punishment. All he wanted was a little respect, such as her showing up at time for dinner, not leaving her bicycle on the ground behind his car in the driveway, little things like that. It is not hard to understand as a consequence why Ronnie was so afraid of her father's punishments.

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    He made her stay like that while daughtsr lectured her, her long brown hair brushing the floor on the other side of the ottoman as she pleaded for him not to use the paddle. Fathdr was sitting out on our front porch when I saw her return about 9 that night, going around to the back door. Again, I trust to your imagination with having this scene come to life; Ronnie's tears and pleas were as usual present, perhaps even greater apprehension after the sight of the paddle Needless to say, Ronnie struggled a great deal during a spanking session, until she is reduced to blubbering contrition and limp posture, draped over his lap sobbing uncontrollably.

    When Ronnie started to prepare for a spanking, her first task was to move the chair to the middle of the room, and facing the windows. I chanced to be home studying when she received her first spanking from her father; I know it to be the first because it happened during our final exam period and I was home every night hard at the books; moreover, her mother and father had only been married for two weeks before the fateful evening. Ronnie was terribly humiliated to still be treated like a little girl, about to get a spanking over her daddy's knees.

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