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    Vintage Fitz & Floyd Kensington Black White 11"Rabbit Planter 1987 RARE Japan

    For wedge, troops created in chief a paw, and those from show an apocalypse. Fitz and Gordon Cookie Jars Collecting operative jars has become a serial hobby.

    Buyers should note that some pieces may be marked incorrectly. Limited and special editions include: Collectibles also include boxes, decorative plates, eggs, water globes, houses, cookie jars, ceramic giftware, dinnerware, tableware, and decorative accessories. Doing research about the item will give you a clear idea about its value. Before one starts collecting, it is best to invest in a collector's guide that indicates pricing guidelines and the maker's marks, and explains characteristics of the line. Artist Dean Griff has been responsible for the figurines' design from their birth and in the first 15 years, 1, designs were created and released.

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    However, stamps and markings are inconsistent and some items are not marked at all due to space constraints. Most are sold as part of a themed series, sometimes Vinyage part of different collections. They were initially gloyd by Silvestri inwith the first set containing 12 figurines. Due to the brand's popularity, the name was kept. In the unlikely event that your item does not arrive, or arrives in a condition other than the one described, eBay Buyer Protection will refund your shipping and purchase costs. It started off as an import company, but soon progressed to the design and sale of ceramic giftware and tabletop products and accessories.

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    The age and manufacturer of an item do not Vinntage determine its collectible citz. The product lines created by Fitz and Floyd are too numerous to list, and most collectors focus on specific themes rather than specific lines. Although some items have appreciated in value dramatically, it is best to do thorough research before buying for investment purposes. If you have any questions, use the "Ask a Question" link to communicate with the seller.

    Themes and ranges include: When buying collectibles, it is important to buy items one likes. These Radish-ing Beauty Salon figurines, made by Silvestri, do not appear in catalogues and were never released. Collecting Fitz and Floyd Although their product information database shows a limited range of products, Fitz and Floyd are happy to assist customers who are trying to identify older patterns. The most well-documented and well-liked lines include the Charming Tails figurines, themed teapots, and cookie jars.

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