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    Chris really knows how to appreciate every inch of a big beautiful massive cock and this time he was in for a surprise. Ragael has one of the biggest dicks in the porn industry. It only made sense that when he reached out to us and said he wanted to fuck some of our Cockyboys Chris was the first one to volunteer. The day was finally here. The clothes came off and Rafael was already rock hard. Who wouldn't be - after all, Chris has a Master's in Teasing!

    When he put it in his mouth for the first time you could just tell by the expression on his face it was as if he has just tasted the forbidden fruit. And he was planning on eating ALL of it! Chris pulls out all the stops on this one and worships every inch of Rafael's humongous cock like it's the last cock he'll ever suck. Words can't describe the pleasure Chris gets from that big Rafael dick - and that's all just from sucking it.

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