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    Dorothy's ruby slippers found after 13 years

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    It holds slipprrs trust million objects, artworks and specimens, sharing them with The Scarecrow costume will need an internal structure to support the sliopers and reduce stress so that he will remain in good condition far into the future. Some of the rewards are experiences tours, events, lectures offered at a specific time and place. We're also thrilled to offer unique rewards, most of which are exclusive to this Kickstarter project. We do know that we will need calibrated light exposure, as well as controlled humidity and temperature.

    Join the museum as it undertakes this unprecedented journey to preserve the magic, creativity and rubyy of American culture. No matter what you contribute, we'll keep you involved in our efforts to conserve and display the slippers. Thank you for interest in pledging your support for the Smithsonian. Once those issues are addressed, we can decide how best to display the costume.

    Slippers ruby Real adult

    Museum conservator Richard Barden examining Reql slippers Movie costumes and props are made sllippers and cheaply, to last only for the brief duration of the shoot, not forever. We will take a close look at the textiles and dyes that are extremely sensitive to light and wear. However, we also rely on private donations to support many of our priorities, including the conservation and exhibition of precious objects like the Ruby Slippers and the Scarecrow's costume. Conservators will work with scientists to understand how those materials have changed and the consequences of their natural breakdown. This allows us to stabilize the shoes today and preserve them for another 80 years and longer.

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    The Smithsonian cannot guarantee that experiences slipers on dates yet to be announced, or that must be rescheduled, will occur on a date that is convenient for all backers. We knew this day would eventually come and we are grateful to the FBI and all those that worked so hard to bring this piece of cinematic treasure out of the shadows and into the light. Conservators and curators will speak with experts to unveil their history and make sure their life and story are retained. What will be involved in the conservation of the Scarecrow costume?

    Therefore, when rumors developed that local wayward youth were most likely responsible for the theft and had tossed the slippers into the Mississippi River or in one of the many water-filled iron ore pits that dot the landscape, we did little to dispel it.

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