• Classification of breast shapes

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    Cleavage classification: categorizing a vital feminine aesthetic landmark

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    The shape formed by this cleavage is similar to a cocktail glass [Figure 2a]. The shape of the cleavage is such that it forms a curved shape in the center of the inter-mammary cleft which then curves antero-laterally towards the areola. When compared to the cocktail glass appearance the curves are more pronounced as compared to more linear ones in the earlier [Figure 2b].

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    Lastly the "tumbler glass" appearance is one where the breasts are further apart leaving a greater space between Classifucation. The medial curves of the breasts shqpes posteromedially in a sharp manner and thus do not extend further towards the midline. This leaves a flat region in the cleavage representing the region superficial to the sternum that lacks breast tissue. This classification system is applicable to all breast sizes. It is based on the appearance of the cleavage and takes in to account the width of the cleavage at the superior and inferior poles of the breast, and the midpoint between them.

    In women with smaller breasts the cleavage will be more pronounced, and different than that of women with fuller breasts. Classificatiob, the authors believe that even in women with smaller breasts the shape of the cleavage should vary according to our classification system. In this cohort of patients the more prevalent classes would be the hour glass, and the hi-ball glass anteroposterior view and the margarita glass, and Classifkcation tumbler glass craniocaudal view. Similarly for women with larger breasts one would expect to observe cocktail glass and champagne glass anteroposterior view and cocktail and goblet glass craniocaudal view.

    Patient satisfaction after breast augmentation is variable and some studies have reported that not all patients are satisfied with their postoperative outcomes. Patients are unique and any given cleavage may not necessarily fit one particular classification. However, this classification based on various everyday shapes of glasses, can be used by surgeons to help patients acquire an objective understanding regarding their expectations from surgery. Surgeons can use this classification system preoperatively to discuss the expectations of patients regarding the appearance of their cleavage in addition to their breasts. If patients desire a certain type of cleavage after their augmentation the surgeon can modify their choice of implants and their surgical technique accordingly.

    Shapes Classification of breast

    Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Efficacy of bilateral prophylactic mastectomy in women with a family history of breast cancer. New England Journal of Medicine. BMC pregnancy and childbirth. When I learned about adolescent breast development, I was stoked for my boobs to grow. That day never really came.

    But having a small bust throughout puberty felt unexpected. Having tiny boobs initially seemed disappointing and like something I had to feel ashamed about. Yet not wearing a bra, I felt, was viewed as sloppy. Despite my acute awareness of my lack of boobs and frustration with available bras—as well as with the long history of societal fixation and favor of large female breasts—I liked my small bosom. But breast traits go beyond just big and small boobs, there are distinct shapes, as well as types, sizes and colors of nipples and areolas. The breast is defined as either of the pair of mammary glands extending from the front of the chest in pubescent and adult females 1.

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