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    One person diaper change procedure. Any tips?

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    However, when you have the right incontinence products it can be far more manageable. There is a wide variety of adult incontinence products that can help you to deal with fecal or bowel incontinence if you are experiencing symptoms. Many people with this type of incontinence choose to use adult diapers for the highest level of protection while others find they are more comfortable using incontinence underwear with an incontinence pad that is specially made for fecal or bowel incontinence. You can find these at http: Whether you use adult diapers or some other kind of adult incontinence product it can leave you with many different questions.

    This is true if you are the caregiver or the patient with bowel incontinence, you may feel uncertain about how to manage your bowel incontinence and what to do in some situations. One of the most common questions concerns how often to change the adult diaper. Caregivers often find this is one of the most challenging aspects of the care that they give. How to Change a Bedridden Patient's Adult Diaper Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and put on a pair of disposable medical gloves. If the patient's bed is adjustable, raise the entire bed to a comfortable height usually slightly lower than your hips.

    Lower the head of the bed as far down to horizontal as he can tolerate. With the patient resting on his or her back, unfasten the straps, Velcro, or adhesive tape of the adult diaper and then tuck the side farthest from you under the person's hip.

    Adult Diaper changing

    With one hand on the patient's hip and the other on his shoulder, roll him away from you onto his side. You might find this chanving with the help of another able-bodied person, who can then hold the patient on his side while you work. If you tucked the diaper far enough under his hip, you should now be able to pull the adult diaper toward you and out from under him. Roll the used diaper inward as you remove it to contain any mess.

    Place the soiled adult diaper into a plastic grocery bag for disposal but do not seal the bag yet. Get the person lying in the changimg, on a changing table, or on the floor. Whatever is comfortable for you. If the person is full sized and unable to walk or get up from the floor on his own, then the bed or changing table—if you have one—is the best way to go. However, if the person suffers mental retardation and is capable of getting up fluidly and is physically fine, or the person is smaller in stature, then the floor is fine to use. Make sure all clothing is out of the way as well as all blankets if you are using the bed.

    Undo the tapes of the diaper and pull it back.

    Take your forearm and put it behind the knees pushing them almost to the chest. This Diaperr raise them up allowing you to clean them more effectively. Wipe them from front to back. This is especially crucial for girls. Put the wipes into the older diaper that is beneath them as you wipe. Fold up the old diaper and put it in the trash can next to you using one hand as you keep them held up behind the knees with your forearm. If you feel you need two hands to fold up the diaper, take it out from under them, let them lay on the towel, fold up the diaper, and put it in the trash.

    Fold up the old sweet and put it in the south can next to you chwnging one hand as you keep them pulled up behind the walls with your forearm. Reliably, make sure you take how to candidly position a bed-bound whatnot. It should also be directed to do a diaper rash when one is leading.

    Now, lift them up by putting your forearm behind the knees again and put the clean diaper under them. The part of the diaper with the tapes should be in back. Make sure the back of the diaper goes above their tailbone a couple of inches. Let them down to lay on the diaper.

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