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    I think the reason why there's this strange antwoord disconcerting seriousness underlying the whole exercise is that because Afrikaans culture is so utterly tainted by its recent history, the only way one can celebrate it is by simultaneously denigrating it. I can't tell if it's good, bad, or parody. This is so unnecessary. Using one word of a five-word comment to springboard into a defense of Botha is reasonable if a bit gallant. Using it to publicly skewer the original commenter and his intentions is not reasonable.

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    This video is ridiculous, colorful stuff, and Die antwoord midget best only flirts with sincerity, and asking Lattiboy to attach such personhood and dignity to each image that he dare not use the word weird is almost like asking someone to genuflect to a sainted icon. The guy Botha is a dedicated, intelligent and successful artist who has his own thing going, who is NOT being exploited but is consciously performing, and who has a seriously hardcore medical condition which is fully developed in the FPP. What more, as I undestand it "midget" is not only not what Botha is dealing with but it's not even what people who are little people want to be called or known as.

    A simple, "yeah, that was uncool or uncalled for" would do. I mean, both as an artist and as a human being, Botha does seem to boldly rule with what looks like courage and grace. A little more than a cursory glance at the first link in the FPP I think shows that. I just want to add that I think people wondering aloud whether "this is genuine" or "this is a hoax" are missing the point entirely.

    Antwoord midget Die

    This is pop music. Is Lady Gaga a hoax? Though these videos have been on the 'net for antqoord, Die Antwoord seems to be getting some cred in the last few days. Maybe this MetaFilter post contributed to that? The Guardian wrote them up. New York Magazine checked them. We'll see where all this goes and whether they can keep up the zef and ride this out. Leon Botha is an independent artist who collaborates with Die Antwoord. Think of him as the Andy Warhol to their Velvet Underground.

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