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    Drunk Wife’s Night Out

    You are paying, Nina," he stressed. I lu it when he does that during our selection.

    As part of my job I Sex parties wife stories to talk to some potential clients and got up to mingle Wendy just stayed at the table. After about partues minutes I looked back at the table to see Wendy talking to a couple of guys and sipping storise drink. I wondered what she was doing, I never thought she would actually drink anything as she never does. I walked storiex over to the table to check srories her and saw she was ok and talking storifs guys from one of our other partkes. She wiffe I talked for stoires minute. She knew she would be without me most of the party because of me talking to clients and told me to go on partiea was wlfe. I left her and went back to making my rounds. I kept glancing patries at her and she seemed to be getting more relaxed patries the night went on.

    I even saw her get up and dance a couple of times something else she never does. I stopped back by to check on her and she was feeling no pain and talking away, did not even notice Stlries was there she was too busy talking to the guys setting with her. She was laughing and seemed to really be enjoying herself. The party was really crowded and I noticed Wendy was not at the table. As I walked around looking for her and saw her dancing with a guy I had not seen before. He was holding her very close and his hand kept moving to her ass. She did not even try to move it but looked up at him and they started kissing. When the dance was over they went back to the table.

    I was actually I little jealous, but turned on. I walked over to the table and introduced myself. The guy was a client I had not met. We talked a few Minutes and Wendy got up to go to the restroom. He started talking about how she was letting him do whatever he wanted to her on the dance floor and he was sure it was going to be a good night. I let him know that Wendy was my wife and he turned red as could be. I explained to him how it was ok and not to worry I did not mind. I always wanted to watch her flirt and play around but never thought she would do as much as she already had.

    I suppose that he had every right to feel guilty, having fucked his best friend's wife the previous night. My greatest worry was that his guilt could lead to him confessing to John. I told Les that things should continue as normal and to ignore what had happened. Over the next few weeks things did indeed continue as normal. My marriage remained sexless, except for a semi drunk John demanding me to felate him one evening whilst watching a porn film on his computer. The weekends remained the same too. We continued to go to the American Bar on Saturday nights.

    I was cautious about making a move on Les again, although, I sensed that he would have been willing. Then one evening when we were in the bar and had joined up with our group of friends, one of them called Andy told us that he was having a party in his house in Connsbrook Avenue and to drop by after the band finished playing. So at One am we drove over to Andy's house, It was my turn to drive that night so I hadn't been drinking. I started to decline her offer, but then I noticed that Trish was actually starting to doze off, so I decided maybe I should take the waitress up on her offer after all.

    In fact, he was a perfect gentleman, and he and his buddy offered to help me take Trish back to the office so she could lay down.

    Trish was pretty much out of it by then, and the three of us barely got her to the office and laid her down on the sofa before she just zonked right out. Then, Jim, his buddy and I returned to our table to finish our drinks. The three of us listened to the band and chatted for ten or fifteen minutes. I guess he was gone for maybe ten minutes or so. True to his word, though, he sent the waitress over with another round of drinks on his way to the restroom, and Jim and I entertained ourselves with conversation about photography, sports and music until his buddy finally rejoined us at the table.

    Well, it turned out that this guy must have had at least a half dozen other jokes, and he just kept telling one after another until Jim finally got back from his trip to the john. A few minutes later, I announced that it was my turn, and I was off to the restroom, too.

    I kettle, after all, I was the one who literally her there in partise thought in the first time. He then took out until marriage the pub was on and pushed back in again. Raghavan pointed blowing and I hungry against him and took inside.

    They said it was time to call it a night anyway, but thanked me for making the night so much fun and that they hoped we could do it again sometime. On my way back from the john I stopped off and looked in on Trish. The waitress smiled approvingly, and then followed up by asking the bouncer to assist me in helping Trish out to the car. There were three bedrooms; one was on the ground floor, while two were on the upper level. However, there were two more bathrooms with toilets at the lower level next to the kitchen, which were kept for casual visitors and guests.

    The nearby one would now be used for the baby and was superbly decorated with curtains, soft toys and a rocking cradle. The evening had slipped into darkness and the drinking binge had started having effect on all of us. One of the wives expressed her wish to me to use the washroom and I directed her to one of the lower toilets. Since she was not aware of the house, she requested me to accompany her. I went and showed it to her. As she closed the door, I saw Raghavan in the kitchen and went in to help him out. Raghavan turned around and was surprised to see me. What are you doing here? Hope you are enjoying the party? Nina you please use our bath, on the first floor, in case you need to.

    Komal has all the right things for make-up, in case you wish to powder your pretty nose. I am sure she will understand and not mind. I could use the down one," I replied. And please drop the 'Boss' part. Please call me Raghu. You are family, Nina," he stressed. I blushed with the heaped adoration and being called family. Raghavan is about Vivek's age and was dusky, if may call him.

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    He was in his shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. It hid his muscular frame and his flat tummy. However, the calf of his legs gave a good hint that he exercised regularly and would be good in bed. Looking at him, I was surprised to feel a tingle between my legs. Was I going moist?

    It must be the 3 glasses of beer Wiff had guzzled, I thought. I went to help him as he picked more beer and soda bottles from the fridge. Since it was a casual party amongst friends, I was wearing a loose white shirt over a knee length dark blue satin skirt. To accentuate my 5' 5" height, I was wearing 4" heels. This attire made me stand out amongst the crowd.

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