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    That womne defendant and the woman who was recorded were engaged in the crime of prostitution does not mean that the woman relinquished her reasonable expectation of privacy under sub. The person's Nakrd, guardian, or legal custodian consents to the capture of the representation. Transmits or broadcasts an image of a nude or partially nude person from a locker room while the person is nude or partially nude in the locker room. Any book, pamphlet, magazine, printed matter however reproduced or recording that contains any matter enumerated in subd. The phrase "stores in any medium data that represents a visual image" in sub.

    Gonzalez, WI 63, Wis. That's the only thing relative to the nudity. Putting existing images into a sexual context is not the same as making the images. Any school offering vocational, technical or adult education that: The 4th amendment embodies a balance between society's interest in law enforcement and the privacy interest asserted by the individual that is not relevant to this section.

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    Nakex private school, as defined in s. Nelson did not purport to provide a definition of reasonable expectation of privacy covering all circumstances. Its presenters refuse any highbrow labels.

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