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    For example, some women have brown or reddish labia, while others may have pink or purplish labia. The New York Times has devoted an admirable amount of editorial space to the women in Africa who suffer from fistulas, their dignity and daily routines compromised by bodies that leak urine or feces because of childbirth or assault. The words are utterly absent, even to those of us who seek to learn more about these conditions and educate others. So basically, they are vag bulges. That means your vagina is left susceptible to vaginal infections and sexually transmitted infections STIs.

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    But there are certain risks from removing pubic hair, depending on the method. After I had dug out the wigh that had become trapped in the small pocket of my rectum that protruded into my vagina, I was shocked, silent, humiliated. Another said she always pressed into her perineum when relieving herself. My midwives sewed me up and told me everything looked fine, but I noticed certain changes: I loved exploring it for pleasure as a child.

    I healed, and when I had another child five years poen, I tore in the same place. For example, you may notice a smell after changing your diet — garlic, tuna, and dietary supplements can have that effect. An enterocele is when the small intestine bulges into the vagina. Should I douche to keep things clean?

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