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    Trash to Treasure: Ten DIY Projects Using Old Jewelry

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    You can do jewery jewelry from old charm bracelets or just add a stunning brooch to a package to dress it up. This is a great way to use up some of that vintage jewelry that you have laying around and add some extra sparkle to your gifts at the same time.

    Vintage Decorating jewelry with

    DIY Jeweled Bobby Pins Plain bobby pins can get qith life when you add those wlth buttons or pieces of your vintage jewelry. You can do this in so many different ways. This is a great way to spark your creativity and create something stunning at the same time. Repurposed Vintage Jewelry Magnets Really dress up your kitchen and office with these repurposed vintage jewelry magnets. Just take those old pins or necklaces or even earrings and glue them onto magnet bases.

    Then you can use these gorgeous magnets to hold vintagw on the fridge or on your office bulletin board. You can get magnets at any craft store and this is a really wit project to do. These would make wonderful gifts as well. Vintage Brooch Cocktail Ring Grab those old brooches or large pendants and turn them into creative and unique cocktail rings. You can use your imagination to create any size or style of ring that you want. You just cut ribbon long enough to fit around your cloth napkins and glue the ends of the ribbon together.

    Dfcorating it dries, just pin a vintage brooch to Decorwting ribbon or you can use jrwelry large pendant or the top of Decotating old cocktail Decorating with vintage jewelry, depending on the style vihtage you want and what jewelry you have on hand. You can use old vintage jewelry to vibtage those bottles really gorgeous. Just glue the pieces on in any design and theme that you want and then use the bottles for vases or just to decorate a table. Vintage Jeweled Button Necklace Maybe with that old vintage jewelry, you have a few old buttons. You could turn those classic pieces into a gorgeous necklace that has Decortaing own style.

    DIY Bedazzled Planter You can bedazzle your planters or anything else around the house with that old vintage jewelry. Use this method to make all of your terra cotta planters or vases look much more expensive than they really are. Just choose the pieces that you want to repurpose and then start gluing them onto your planter in whatever design you choose. You could turn ordinary plastic bowls and planters into amazing pieces with some vintage jewelry. Easy DIY Jeweled Purse Take any old purse and add some pieces of costume jewelry and you have a bag that looks like it cost a small fortune. Choose your design and then just glue those pieces right onto your purse or clutch.

    Repurposed Costume Jewelry Shoe Clips You know those pumps, those gorgeous pumps that you love but just think that they could use a little something extra? Give them a great look with that old vintage jewelry. You can easily make jeweled shoe clips that will instantly give all of your pumps an elegant look and since they clip on, you can interchange them whenever you want to add that little something extra to any pair of shoes. Or, you can turn brooches or large necklaces into standalone frames by just removing the center piece and adding your favorite small picture. So many wonderful ways to turn costume jewelry into picture enhancers!

    These would think calm events as well. And of adult, clip any old woman pieces onto shoes or websites to make one of a categorical Frugal Fashionista hails.

    Decoraating can create this stunning jeweled bouquet with a few old pieces of jewelry and a bouquet base. This cuff bracelet is absolutely gorgeous jewlery can be made from wth brooches and pearls — or other beads that you may have on hand. Use the same directions as above and super glue the costume jewelry right onto the Decoratng for a unique, costume look. In jeweory, I am sure I have a few of these in my attic. What a great idea to spruce up a plan lampshade and make a unique statement piece just by pinning on a few old pieces of jewelry. By taking two wood stakes she found on a walk one day, she created a beautiful cross to hang in her craft room.

    Use vintage jewelry to embellish craft flowers. Are your creative juices flowing yet? She loves to cut fabric scraps and make them into art. And of course, clip any old jewelry pieces onto shoes or purses to make one of a kind Frugal Fashionista statements. Hopefully this has inspired you just a bit to start looking at things around your home in new ways. With the kids getting out of school soon, some of these would be some great craft ideas. I plan on letting them paint an old box and embellish it with vintage jewelry, so that our girls can store all their treasures in their very own hand made, one of a kind DIY piece.

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