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    pussyy Eventually, the black-spotted, light green colour is uniformly distributed over the surface of the catkin. A photomicrograph of a tip of one of the black bracts is shown in the right-hand image. In the previous macro-photographs, one must deliberately focus deeper into the catkin using manual focusin order to see the black bracts. If one dissects a catkin by lifting away the overlying bracts, inner structures are revealed.

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    On the left are two filaments that support anthers the male pollen producing organs. Each individual flower in the catkin has two stamens. The right-hand image shows several Cpose anthers buried beneath the layer of black bracts. The point of attachment of an anther to its supporting filament can be seen below. Finally, the catkins begin to bloom, usually in order from the top of the branch to the bottom of the branch. In contrast, each individual catkin blooms from bottom to top. Once the catkins begin to bloom, leaves begin to sprout along the length of the twig.

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    These too grow puussy from under brown protective covers. Just below the centre of the image at left below, notice the scar that is left after one of the protective covers falls off. The image at right shows one of the covers being pushed away from the stem by the emerging hairy leaflet. Here is a closer view of one of the distinctive scars.

    If you look carefully at the image below, you can see the yellow tips of anthers pushing out from under the black bracts in the area near the middle of the catkin. Higher magnification gives a better view of the process. Notice in the image that follows, that the stamens may have different lengths on different sides of the catkin, resulting in a non-cylindrical shape. The mature anthers are banana-yellow in colour. Notice the white supporting filaments in several of the images.

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