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    Warning Signs

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    During a break in the action our friend pulls me aside and tells me he thinks something is going on between my newly stuttering boyfriend and the female half of the couple with whom we have been spending most of our free time. I am horrified but calmly confront my boyfriend later. He lies several times before I discover the truth.

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    To me she was beautiful, angelic. She was always hiding herself, her fatness, the body she loathed. I ks a picture of her in a long red coat, one of the few photos in which she is not standing behind someone. She was a size Her friends were stick-thin Depression-era gaj who wore dresses with belts, pleated ,y, and Sugns cotton blouses. Most days gaj mother si a ks pink chenille housecoat, threadbare in places, that smelled like an unmade bed: In happier moments she stuffed her torso into a tight girdle, as if punching down bread dough.

    No ,y could convince her she was beautiful, though we all tried. My dad would buy her a new dress, but she would toss it on jan floor and tell him she would get dressed up after she lost some goddamned weight. Then she would slam the door so hard the frame would jump. She died by her own hand. She was always so happy, so cheerful, so gzy to help. They knew only her mah, her strength, her clean house. Carmel Valley, California My boyfriend, R. He lived in another city but would arrive for weekend visits bearing groceries, wine, and flowers. The strangest thoughts would go through my mind.

    For example, the first time I saw him with his shirt off, I thought, He got that body in prison. Then I shook my head and wondered where that had come from. What was my problem? As the relationship became more serious, my anxiety intensified. When I was working at my computer, I felt as if R. During one of R. It made no sense. My strange, nagging fear was that he would find my Social Security card. Finally I decided to end the relationship. I told her I planned to end it when I saw R. Two hours later he pounded on my door. I let him in and immediately regretted it.

    His eyes were wild, and his voice shook. I tried to stay calm while mentally calculating whether I could grab my keys and make it to the car without him catching me. I had no idea what he was capable of doing. My house was in the country with no neighbors for a half mile on either side, so it would have been pointless to scream. I thought about using the cast-iron skillet to defend myself. I stood frozen as R. He also told him that I was a liar and a whore. As the truth emerged in the weeks that followed, I felt strangely validated. A police detective told me how my boyfriend had stolen the identities of roommates, co-workers, and girlfriends.

    He was surprised R. Morgan Los Angeles, California I worked hard all day and took classes at night. Feeling the strain, I would drink a few beers in the car on the way home to help me unwind. My wife would get angry if she saw me drink more than a six-pack, so I tried to get as much as I could in me before I got there. The first few beers went down smoothly, and I tossed the empties on the floor. The alcohol got my blood flowing and my spirits high.

    Man gay my Signs is

    I had been mab this moment all day. The radio volume went up, and the windows went down. Sigjs never worried about getting caught — until the night I almost ran over a cop. I saw a car pulled over to the side of the road with iis couple of police cars behind it. I swerved around him at the last second. So I did what any responsible driver would have done: About two miles down the road, figuring I was out of danger, I popped open another beer. The adrenaline rush subsided, and a smile spread across my face. Then lights flashed red and blue behind me. Panicking, I spilled my beer while trying to stash it under my backpack.

    I pulled over, resigned to the fact that I would be going to jail. Instead I thought I was charmed and could get away with anything. Two weeks later I awoke on a hard concrete bench in a cell with five other farting, coughing men.

    I was led before a judge, who read the charges against me: Johnson Dayton, Nevada I remember instances on the playing fields in school mam my eyes would shudder and my visual field would become a series of frames for a few seconds, like a slide show. Then there ky the way I constantly caught my left toe on shag carpets or grassy surfaces, gag my occasional difficulty swallowing. In my late twenties, for about a month, I could produce the sensation of hot liquid running down the back of my leg if I dropped my chin to my chest. It went away ,y returned over and over throughout my thirties and forties. But every time I became worried enough to see a doctor, my symptoms would disappear.

    Then one cold, snowy night I was awakened by a knife blade of pain just behind my left ear. I writhed in agony and could hear myself screaming in the dark. What followed is a blur in my memory: When I awoke the next morning, my left hand was rigidly curled into my wrist, my wrist into my elbow, and my arm contracted across my chest. My chest, arm, and face were totally numb. When I walked, I veered off to the left no matter how hard I tried to stay straight. I crashed into furniture and doorways. My brain was sparkling with electricity. Lights and loud sounds made me nauseous and dizzy. I felt as if I were dying. It took three weeks and another excruciating attack before an ER doctor did a spinal tap.

    But after my diagnosis we all knew. I now have a very special and personal relationship with my deceased grandmother. I feel connected, beyond time and place, to this woman I never met. Oakland, California It was my wedding day, and I was marrying my college boyfriend, the hottest guy on campus. Since we were thousands of miles from our families and had no close friends nearby, we decided to have a simple ceremony: It was a cold, foggy day in San Francisco. En route to the chapel I shivered in my plain white dress with spaghetti straps. Excited and nervous, I fiddled with the camera on my lap and noticed there was only one shot left.

    He exploded with rage: How could I be so disorganized? Why did I always have to make a fuss over things?

    Stunned, I tried to protest, but he cut me off and gunned the accelerator. When we arrived at the chapel, my stomach was in knots, and my face felt flushed. A small voice inside me said, Run! He held the chapel door open, his face a mask of stone. I stalked in past him. Once outside, I held back the tears until we were inside the car. I never even took the one shot I had left in the camera. Retired military, he was always stoic, a rock. As her daughter — and a newly licensed psychologist — I thought it was just my neurotic mom being more neurotic than usual. A few months later my parents made the trek to California to visit me and their two-year-old grandson, and I saw what my dad was talking about.

    Mom had no tolerance for typical toddler behavior and cried at the drop of a hat. For all her neuroses, my mom had always been good-natured and jovial. A few months after that visit, she suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. Doctors found a tumor that had been growing for years in her brain. She underwent surgery and radiation, but Mom was never the same. Dad cared for her as long as he could. Did he Signs my man is gay to meet eyes with another man and it lasted a little too long? Men who live in Western countries, like those of North America and Europe, usually won't make prolonged eye contact with other men, unless they're about to fight or about to get it on or both.

    According to Joe Signs my man is gay, a psychotherapist specializing in gender and sexuality, the beach test is usually a good way to sort this one out. This is usually how gay men feel. Now, it could be that he's just very secure in his masculinity, since there's nothing inherently gay with hugging other guys, but the fact that he has to go against social norms to do this speaks volumes. Western guys tend to show their affection for each other more with playful wrestling or fighting, if anything. However, if your boyfriend is from a non-English-speaking culture, especially South Asia, East Asian, or the Middle East, it's actually not that unusual in certain countries for men to embrace, kiss, or even walk down the street holding hands.

    This doesn't mean he's necessarily gay. But if your boyfriend actively hates gay men even if they have never done anything to him and never speak to him, then this is extremely telling. You've probably heard loads of stories about anti-gay preachers who were later discovered to be trolling gay hookup sites. Many times, a man who hates the fact that he likes other men will take it out on gay people and treat them badly. At the very least, it's not unusual for a guy who is denying his sexuality to fear coming into contact with people who are living with their gayness freely. Watch him closely next time he is around gay men. Does he act weird? Homophobia is one of the biggest signs that your boyfriend or husband might be questioning his sexuality.

    Does he ask a lot of questions about them? Does he seem interested in how they came out to their parents, or what other people's reactions were? Similarly, does he bring up people's sexuality a lot? Does he talk about how this or that person at his job turned out to be gay? Does he mention gay family members of his a lot? He may be interested because he himself is gay or bisexual, but may not know it yet, or simply doesn't know how to express it. Of course, if he only talks about these things occasionally, he could just be a curious guy. Human beings like to gossip about the sexuality of others.

    For one, your boyfriend could be asexual or he might just not be attracted to you anymore for a variety of reasons. People change and so do their tastes. Just because he's ignoring you temporarily or distracted with other things, doesn't necessarily mean he's uninterested you, either. However, if he never really seemed that into touching you, even in the beginning of your relationship when you're supposed to be in a honeymoon period, then something is probably wrong. This sign by itself doesn't mean he's gay, but coupled with some of the other signs, it can be telling. Also keep in mind that an absence of this sign doesn't always mean he's not into men, either.

    In other words, he could be mostly gay, but enjoy sex with women to some extent—or he could be bisexual but more on that later. Sex in the relationship might have died down for many other factors as well — including other relationship problems, work schedules, boredom, and so on. You also notice that a lot of them seem gay. Maybe you notice that a lot of them aren't mutual friends with you, and in fact you had no idea that he knew these people. Even worse, if you discover that he has more than one account and has been hiding one from you, this is a definite sign that there's something he isn't telling you. If you notice that his second account has a friends list filled with dozens of strange men, then this is extremely suspicious and you should consider confronting him on this alone.

    He admits to having a homosexual encounter in the past. He uses the word "bisexual. He watches porno movies with gay male scenes. He makes continual homophobic comments or he makes too many gay comments in conversations. His ego appears to be boosted by compliments from gay men. These signs a husband is gay are not meant to be definitive. A husband many be gay and display none of those signs or a husband may display these signs and not be gay. These signs of a gay husband are designed as a starting point. Kaye advises that women "follow their instincts" when deciding whether their husband may be gay.

    What If My Husband is Gay? If it turns out that a husband is, in fact, gay, the fallout can be difficult to deal with, particularly for the straight partner. Many women find it much harder to accept that their husband is leaving them for another man rather than for another woman. The wife may experience:

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