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    Those who mistrust the market. I don't care whether your ambition is to humpin a derivative-swapping hedge fund or an dumpster diving anarcho-syndicalist collective, the fact is that in a world organized around the flow of capital, lacking an understanding of its mechanisms only makes you an easier mark to exploit. Whatever master you serve: Here are a couple of further reasons. I think it'll actually be fun, because when numbers are demystified they have a way of becoming a lot more interesting. And finally, you too can join the cutting edge of higher education and experience a real, honest-to-god MOOC, or "massive open online course," which will either be the savior of higher education or its downfall, depending on who you talk to.

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    There are also hundreds of other courses available from Coursera, everything from "Unlocking the Manuscripts of Medieval Spain" to "Dinosaur Paleobiology. Huumping taken a class from Coursera once Nakec and it was remarkably good — although I dropped out halfway through the "semester. In fact, if you really want the authentic MOOC experience, sign up for Intro to Financial Accounting, get distracted two weeks later when less optional parts of your life come calling, feel guilty for a day or so, and then forget about the whole thing.

    Hell, I'll probably do exactly that.

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