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    Amniocentesis: What you really need to know

    Why Is Amniocentesis Formed. It's a service of every preference whether you and your relationship green to do before your system is born.

    What Are the Complications Associated with Amniocentesis? Amniocentesis usually occurs between 16 to 20 weeks, which is during your second trimester. Complications associated with amniocentesis include the following: The risk of miscarriage is 0. The risk is slightly higher if the test occurs before 15 weeks of pregnancy. Some women get cramps after the procedure.

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    Some women have a small amount of vaginal bleeding after the procedure. Rarely, amniocentesis may cause amnicentesis fluid to leak out of your body. Those with a higher risk of giving birth to children with a serious health condition or abnormality include: Aroundtests are carried out in the United States U. Amniocentesis is an invasive diagnostic procedure in which a doctor examines the genetic materials in a fetus' surrounding amniotic fluid. Amniocentesis is often carried out between 15 and 18 weeks of gestation. The amniotic sac, or amnion, surrounds the fetus during pregnancy.

    Amniocentesis Mature

    The sac contains a fluid called amniotic fluid. The fetus is completely submerged in this fluid. In the testan ultrasound guides a gauge spinal needle to a safe place in the amniotic sac. Some women report cramping when the needle enters the uterus or pressure while the doctor takes the sample. The doctor may check the fetus' heartbeat after the procedure to make sure it's normal. Most doctors recommend rest for several hours after the test. The cells in the fluid sample are grown in a special culture and then analyzed the specific tests done on the fluid depend on personal and family medical history.

    Very rarely, amniocentesis might trigger a uterine infection. Remember, genetic amniocentesis is typically offered when the test results might have a significant impact on management of the pregnancy. Ultimately, the decision to have genetic amniocentesis is up to you. Your health care provider or genetic counselor can help you weigh all the factors in the decision. How you prepare If you're having amniocentesis done before week 20 of pregnancy, it might be helpful to have your bladder full during the procedure to support the uterus. Drink plenty of fluids before your appointment.

    After 20 weeks of pregnancy, Matufe bladder should be empty during amniocentesis to minimize the chance of puncture. Your health care provider will explain the procedure and ask you to sign a consent form before the procedure begins. Consider asking someone to accompany you to the appointment for emotional support or to drive you home afterward. What you can expect Amniocentesis is usually done in an outpatient obstetric facility. During the procedure First, your health care provider will use ultrasound to determine the baby's exact location in your uterus. You'll lie on your back on an exam table and expose your abdomen. Your health care provider will apply a gel to your abdomen and then use a small device known as an ultrasound transducer to show your baby's position on a monitor.

    Next, your health care provider will clean your abdomen with an antiseptic.

    Generally, anesthetic isn't used. Most women report only mild discomfort during the procedure. From start to finish, amnio takes about 30 minutes but most of that is the setup and ultrasound — the needle-sticking part Matur takes a couple of minutes. After the procedure, you'll be able to drive yourself home, though some doctors recommend that you have someone else there to drive you just to be on the safe side. You'll probably be told to rest in bed for a few hours to a full day. You'll need to avoid sex, heavy lifting, strenuous exercise and flying for the next one to three days. Getting amnio test results Results of amnio are available within seven to 14 days.

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