• Facial during pregnancy

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    Spa Treatments You Can (and Can’t) Enjoy While Pregnant

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    Last but not least: Avoid massage and reflexology on your hands and feet—both contain areas that, when manipulated, can induce pregnamcy. At the hands of a trained prenatal masseuse, getting a massage while pregnant can increase circulation for you and baby! Facial Treatments While Pregnant It depends. But gentle exfoliating facial scrubs, like crushed apricot kernels or bamboo beads, followed by a deep-moisturizing mask think avocado or yogurt are a safe and soothing option. Double check that the products being used in your facial treatments are toxin-free and are safe for you and baby. High doses of the acid in oral form has been shown to be harmful for baby, so doctors recommend avoiding chemical peels that contain BHA.

    During pregnancy Facial

    Facial treatments that use alpha hydroxy acid, like glycolic and lactic acid, are derived from sugarcane and are considered pregnancy-safe. Consult with your doctor before getting any peels. When faced with common pregnancy problems like acne, dryness and redness, a calming, hydrating facial can be just the thing. We hear it all the time: Gels are OK too, as long as the salon is well ventilated. Hair Removal While Pregnant Go for it!

    Luckily, waxing and threading are safe temporary solutions during pregnancy. Prevnancy the permanent effects of laser hair removal may suring tempting, Engelman suggests putting it off until after baby arrives. A day before your wax, prep your skin with a gentle exfoliant and moisturizer, which helps the wax peel off the skin more easily. Also, be careful about getting a facial with retinoids, which should never be used during pregnancy, according to BabyMed.

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    Duging keep in mind that your skin is likely more sensitive during pregnancy. You may want to ask whoever is doing your facial to test the product on your skin before starting. This is conditional upon not being in a poorly ventilated, smelly room filled with dangerous chemicals, of course. There Fscial also an increased Facial during pregnancy of infection, so be sure they properly clean all tools. Tanning is one of those things that could raise your core temperature to dangerous levels. The UV rays in tanning beds also break down folic acid, which is important for your unborn baby. Also can cause you to overheat.

    Hot tubs and saunas. While relaxing, hot tubs and saunas are often just too much heat for your body during pregnancy, even for only a few minutes. According to How Stuff Worksyou should avoid soaking in any water that makes you sweat or your skin pink. Being pregnant is tough on your immune system, so getting a piercing could come with an increased risk of infection.

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