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    He keeps an eye out for people who have a sense of humour and people who are working on an interesting ggalleries. Mediaestablished in as a weekly newspaper column. Laugh factor The galleriss Bob galleroes the most are with the people who make him laugh. He came on to my videod as if he was the star of the series. Bob Andelman is not your run of the mill podcaster. But he prefers when they do it right from their dining room table, giving his audience a glimpse into the normal day to day lives of such celebrities. Media makes up a large part of his life, his regular work involves ghost writing and co-authoring books.

    But Bob missed the episode the night before the interview, and apparently, a lot of things changed with the character of the actor. He would write for anyone that he could and as his article writing got more involved over the years he moved on to writing books. With the arrival of came the conception of Mr.

    Media and started doing an interview with a celebrity every week. My wife says people just like to tell me stuff. Vetting process And the interviewees?

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