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    In blitz ball, you are not even able to control the movement of the characters or the actions they can carry out, which ruins the whole point of the mini-game. Also, when it comes time to give back the "awesome sphere" the Gullwings nabbed in Kilika, whoever you do not give the sphere ends up hating your guts, which made absolutely no sense to me. A whole group of people is going to hate Final fantasy x-2 girls nude high summoner who brought them the eternal calm for not giving them a lousy sphere? Give me a break.

    The procession of the game's storyline was also a drawback. You could just go to all of the hot spots in each chapter and beat the game in less than 20 hours, but then you miss out on a lot of side-quests. The problem with the side-quests though was that it seemed impossible when certain side-quests were available or not. Here, there is no doubt that the protagonist is Yuna. So overall, considering that this game has an all-female party and should act as a means to further develop the characters and the world, it should seem like a step in the right direction for female representation. People always assume games and stories with a mostly-female cast will alienate male audience members, as if they think that being centered on women can never be interesting enough to attract male audiences.

    So they try to sexualize the girls as much as possible. So this is possibly the most sexist Final Fantasy game I have ever played, just from that aspect. Did I miss something? I might add that if there were ever a need, you can look at the Wikipedia article on Jenna Jameson. Actually, I just did, and while it may be generally rather tasteless in parts, it is certainly comprehensive more than I imagined actually and somehow managed to do it without actually showing what she is most famous for doing. Similarly, the news doesn't have to show you when people die gruesome deaths to let you know it happened.

    It is possible to cover these things without indulging or encouraging voyeuristic tendencies. And for the record, I would generally be happy to defend Wikia. Catuse says at And so it threads on, and on, delaying the raise of the conductor's baton. The uncensored version might be in the page history, unless Scathe got rid of it. This was a bunch of fuss for nothing. Not accusing you of defending Wikia; my point was that they probably wouldn't care for one hard-to-see image. If MT Wiki couldn't get away with it though, I guess not. Strange they care more about nudity than their infamous Customization Policy though. Bombs and gunfire go off. Carcasses litter the floor. It's sobering enough to let the player get hit by a pang of guilt for making Squall order the students to protect the hot dogs.

    Tifa was captured and apparently sold off to a man named Don Corneo. To rescue Tifa, Cloud dresses up as a woman to infiltrate the sex trafficker's mansion.

    The player can go to gantasy Wall Market doing favors and minigames Final fantasy x-2 girls nude earn the pieces for the perfect disguise With girl perfect score, the Don will think Cloud is hotter than Aerith or Tifa. The Honeybee Inn becomes available, and Cloud will say "Looks like I need to go inside to complete my disguise. Gilrs through the keyholes reveals one satanic ritual Finla one uncomfortable elderly couple. By busting into the girl's changing room, Cloud girs get one of the bothered fanttasy to do his make-up. The player has two options for rooms.

    The 'Group Room' will have Cloud get bathed by fantasyy half-naked men. Either way, Cloud is given the underwear of his escort Lingerie or Bikini Briefs respectively. The party battles with the monster, a purple mass of fangs and tendrils. From that point on, the party is repeatedly harassed by Finwl tentacle monster. Ultros likes to get gross, Fihal with the women, yirls love to get my tentacles around her To distract x- and save the team, she uses her magic paintbrush. There are innuendos, brothels, and peeping toms. Giirls hero can deliver a courtesan. Two ladies try to seduce the player, and it's revealed they gave another man 'crotch-rot'.

    Some of the themes get pretty dark. These can easily be seen by hacking the game. We don't see what happens in the English language version of the game, but in the original Japanese version, she strips down to her underwear. These graphics can still be found in the English version of the game. It was based on ancient African myths and culture. The movie was released in Europe inthough the copious amounts of nudity which were treated in a non-sexual way kept the movie from being released in America until The movie spawned several sequels in Europe, though it never found much of an audience in English language territories. This picture shows a naked Kirikou balancing between a woman's breasts, while they both smoke a joint.

    There are also numerous pictures of anime characters hidden within the files of the game. If you input a code, then the woman will be shown topless. That's right, Naughty Dog snuck topless nudity into a bit Sega game. If they had tried sneaking this Easter egg past the ESRB, then the hammer would have fallen hard on Naughty Dog and they would have been forced to remove it. Goodbye Despair Visual novels were once considered to be a niche genre outside of Japan. X-2 is back to using the old ATB system, but it also mixes in some elements from the Grandia games. Characters' and enemies relatives locations on the screen are more important than before: It sounds neat, but since there are so few of these attacks and there's no way to move characters aside from using the "fight" command, this mechanic rarely makes any significant difference in battle.

    Also borrowed from Grandia is the purple "wait time" bar, a new ATB gauge function. When a party member or enemy uses a special attack, there is a buffer period between when the ability is selection and its activation. This means that abilities are no longer instantaneous; they can be interrupted and delayed. But while Grandia's system is specially structured around this mechanic, X-2 seems to have just tacked it on mid-development, and it usually doesn't make much of a difference in anything. For example, the Alchemist's charge time for her Stash command is tremendous, and she's still the game's most useful healbot.

    Likewise, the Warrior and Samurai's attack-delaying abilities are virtually useless. And we have the new job system.

    Was too appealing harrowing awesome outfits. This site is not clean. I cooler they just made this spooky to do money and go on to the next one.

    Final Fantasy X-2 doesn't call them jobs, though -- that would be nure unglamorous, too evocative of dirty fingernails. Instead, our nde girl squad equips fabtasy, which change their clothes and thereby alter their special abilities. There's no mixing and matching abilities between outfits like in V or Tactics barring the use of special famtasy or garment gridsbut X-2's spin on the job system is that it allows the girls to switch dresspheres in mid-battle, resulting in sparkly and glamorous Sailor Moon-esque tranformation sequences whose twenty-second lengths can thankfully be abridged or cut altogether through an option in the config menu.

    There are fourteen dresspheres in all, and X-2 does a commendable job of balancing them by setting their number of learnable abilities fnatasy fifteen though there are a few loopholes. Since this is another job-based Final Fantasy game in the vein of III and V, let's have a look at some of X-2's more noteworthy dresspheres: I consulted a FAQ that details how it can be done with a minimum but still by no means few amount of steps, but I was only upset for as long as it took me to realize I no longer had to concern myself with scalping concert tickets, catching runaway cactuars, making sure to catch the right NPCs in the right places during the right chapters, finding the correct randomly-generated treasure scraps in the desert, catching and watching all the CommSphere conversations, or all the other frivolous RPG busywork I had no interest in doing anyway.

    In spite of her fabulousness, the Black Mage is almost totally useless. In V, it's just a basic melee class that equips katanas andcan sacrifice money to deal damage. Cyan's stand around and get clobbered then eventually maybe attack Bushido skill makes him one of the least useful party members in VI, and the samurai Auron in X just borrows attributes from the monk and knight jobs. In X-2, the samurai is a powerful and fabulous physical class that mixes enemy-neutralizing attacks with personal healing and buffing abilities. She's not a much of team player, but probably better at surviving and winning on her own than any of the other non-Mascot jobs.

    But whenever you an ability under her party-buffing Sing command, it triggers a sound clip of Yuna, Rikku or Paine humming a few bars. You get plenty sick of listening to the girls talk as it is; hearing them sing five times every battle is too much. I don't think you can ask for less. Her Blue Bullet abilities aren't half bad, she does four times the damage against certain types of monsters, and she's got an instant Scan spell to boot. She is also second to Lady Luck in terms of fabulousness.

    Not only does the Alchemist's access to unlimited Mega Potions make her the superior healer, but she can also be useful for offense on occasion. The White Mage, meanwhile, is hampered by MP costs, decreases the effectiveness of own her healing magic with her buffer magic, never learns the standard White Mage attack spell Holyand doesn't even have a physical attack. But the truth is, this is all just the setup for another hilarious Square Enix designer joke. The punchline is that Final Fantasy X-2 really wants you to participate in as few battles as possible. Whereas the earlier job-based game Final Fantasy V heck, and Final Fantasy X for that matter bombards players with difficult and tricky fights, X-2 would rather we spend the bulk of our time watching cutscenes and playing minigames than doing those things that Final Fantasy X-2's exciting what's-it-called system was designed for.

    Unless you really go out of your way -- and X-2 rather expects you to, judging by the preponderance of minigames and sidequests -- you're not really going to be doing that much fighting except when you're battling Logos and Ormi over and over and over and over and over again during the first two chapters. That's the sound of a man that's loving him some X-2 [ I found a lot of the time [ Most of the time when you swoop over a location on the world map and accept a mission, someone approaches Yuna and drafts her into putting on a moogle suit and selling balloons to tourists.

    Or selling concert tickets to tourist bumpkins hanging around the river. Or approaching NPCs and trying to guess the correct sales pitch that will compel them to go to one of the Calm Lands' two amusement park companies.

    Fantasy girls nude x-2 Final

    Or chasing British people. If fatasy not fantay something or chasing something, you're fighting sequential battles against clusters of human opponents that drop after two hits. And sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll get to fight sequential battles jude against packs of the same three or gitls basic monsters in different configurations. Then you watch a cutscene you might as well skip, get an item, and board the airship to search out more fun. By the time I got to Chapter 5 I had thrown the controller aside and was skimming a FAQ, trying to find a goddamn optional boss or two to fight before going into the last dungeon and beating the game. I went to all the trouble turning my girls into a vertiable monster steamroller and wanted to kill something big before finishing the final dungeon and never touching the game again.

    After some searching, I managed to find one that looked suitably nasty, but wasn't a superboss requiring a ten hour grind to even stand a chance against. It wasn't that simple. First I needed go out and catch a Chocobo. Then I'd have to run across the Calm Lands and talk to Clasko at the chocobo ranch to make sure its level cap was higher than three.

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