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    She help the train journey again, and Soniya squirmed that the other was presenting a stop. The snowstorm finely in front of her was consecrated tanned from her; she could only see the back of his congregation. I was a committed on white, I prospect.

    He breaks past my seal of resistance after several more tries and his cock is fully sheathed into my forbidden hole now. His pushing Stranger finger clit force crowd intensifying, slowly and he works it up to a quicker pace. At this point, I'm trying to keep as still and quiet as I can while both my holes are being used and stretched by these strange men. My legs are starting to feel as though they are made of jelly are not going to last much longer holding my used body in this position. Now I feel the one stranger on my side pinch my nipple even harder, almost making me cry out, but then continues to roll it, all while still reaching inside my now drenched pussy hole.

    I feel like a dirty person because my body is betraying me and loving every second of this; meanwhile my mind is screaming and crying inside. The stranger to my back is now gripping my hips under my skirt so that he has more of a grip to thrust that cock into my hole. He starts to quietly grunt, and I feel his cock pulse, rubbing against the walls of my ass. The pleasure of the finger inside my pussy is becoming unbearable. I can hear the sounds of my wet pussy being finger fucked. I hope nobody else can hear the squishy sound from my pussy. My hips kept moving too as I can feel that his cock is now pressing hard on my ass.

    His finger is now deeply buried in my pussy. I never felt this much pleasure before as I exploded and cum multiple times. The orgasmic pleasure lasted for more than a minute. I moved my mouth close to my arm as I let out small scream of pleasure. I pretended coughing to disguise what was happening. I heard a groan and the cock behind me started to get limp. I felt a cold damp on my back. My legs are still wide apart and my legs still dripping with my own cum. It was perfect timing as we arrived in one of the station. People moved out and the man behind me just disappeared from the moving crowd.

    As I sat down on the empty seat, I reached behind me and felt a glob of goo. It smelled like cum and licked my fingers clean. The cum still taste fresh. I blinked a few times and looked around. It was time for the live OM demonstration. Daedone got ready by putting on a black apron and latex gloves. Were we going to watch an OM session or an examination at the morgue? She told the audience to yell out whatever sensations they were feeling during the demonstration, and said she was going to play this woman like an instrument. And then, from behind me, a deep, raspy voice with not a shred of shame said: Daedone continued to diddle this chick in front of the audience, all the while making crazy contorted faces and moving around as if she was possessed.

    At one point she even did what appeared to be a head bang when the woman had an orgasm. She must have been getting electrocuted by her clitoral socket. My mouth hung half open as the crowd cheered her on, and I wiped some tears of laughter from my eyes. I was nervous to have my crotch touched by a stranger, and my whole body felt sore and shaky.

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    I met up with Monty at the conference to watch Dr. Jenny Wade talk about how connected sexual encounters can cause hallucinations where you see animals, demons, and other evil creatures — and then it was time to OM. A decorative board at the OMX Conference asks: Monty grabbed all the OM-ing supplies and followed me to the pillow pile I had selected in the back of the room. Monty helped me pull off my leggings and get me situated on the pillows. An older couple lied down next to us as Monty massaged my legs. The room was full of OMX staff who were there to instruct and adjust the strokers and strokees.

    One of the instructors shouted: Tell your partner two things you notice about her pussy using neutral language. And your inner labia are a light, rose color. So that was kind of hot. I sucked in a quick breath, bit my lip, and prepared to have my pussy probed. Ordinarily, the idea of someone directly touching my clit makes me cringe, but the soft stroking felt okay — almost like a tickle. And then it started to feel less like a tickle and more like a surge that moved through my whole crotch. And then the women around the room started to feel it too, and they started moaning. And then I started moaning.

    And then everyone was moaning. As he stroked, I felt my entire body start to sweat and shake. Monty looked down at my flushed face. I dug my fingers into his thigh, tried to ignore the others around me, wiggled my toes, and finally relaxed. Suddenly, a warmth moved up and over me like a force field, and a rush of breath escaped my lips.

    For a second, I experienced a kind of unification with him, where every other nest in the crowx ceased to exist. And not the OneTaste kind — but the kind where Coit climaxed. She remembered that the person in front flrce her had one hand on the handrail; where were these new hands coming from? Soniya realized that her eyes were closed. She tried to open them, but to no avail. She was now frozen, dumb, and blind! One of the hands on her backside moved away, and Soniya felt a bit of relief. Maybe her attackers were leaving! But she felt the hand again, this time on the other side of her skirt. It took a few sec