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    Can you teach common sense to your employees?

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    What are the options? Would I want to be treated that way?

    Common adults Teach sense for

    commn What does your previous knowledge or experience suggest you do? Is that what you've been taught? Is this decision made using good judgement? Common sense is about being open—minded and curious, asking coommon and how things happen, so learn from your experiences — good as well as bad. If aduots bread you usually buy is out of stock, you will be forced to use the algorithmic mind. The algorithmic mind processes information, juggling concepts in working memory, making comparisons among them, combining them in different ways, and so forth.

    Thus, you might examine different brands of a bread to determine which is most like the one you usually buy in terms of cost and nutritional content. Intelligence tests measure the efficiency of the algorithmic mind. What they miss is the reflective mind. The reflective mind refers to the goals of the system, beliefs relevant to these goals, and the selection of actions to try to get to these goals.

    A friend commpn mine recently selected a daycare for her son. She used the algorithmic mind quite effectively: But her goal in putting these factors together was short-sighted. Cognitive ability starts to slow down, and unfortunately, a lot of creeps take advantage of commmon and make sene living trying to con the Teqch. That kind of crappy behavior means a lack of a moral compass, not a lack of commonn sense. Although some very smart people seem to lack common sense. Experience matters - just ask the passengers ocmmon flight Your manager, client, or co-worker is destined for a career full of boneheaded moves.

    Can you learn, or teach someone common sense? He taught me how to be observant of my surroundings at all times. From teaching your kids the basics about not talking to strangers and avoiding dark abandoned alleys at night to equipping them with navigational skills and wise personal instincts, there are plenty of effective ways we can help our children become street smart as they grow up. Teach them not to walk or play in the street. Get them comfortable with using the phone to dial in the case of an emergency.

    Make up a song to help them memorize their phone number. Teach kids their address or just your street name and city. Plan a field trip to the local police station or fire department so kids can see the uniforms that these officials wear and become more comfortable with who they are and what they do. Reward and treat your kids when necessary and encourage them not to take any candy or treats from a stranger without your permission.

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    foor Let your kids get outside and play with your supervision. Help your kids identify physical characteristic of people like hair color, eye adukts, tall or short etc. Play memorization and recognition games with your kids like Memory or Guess Who, then take the elements of the game out into the real world and ask them questions about people and places you visit so they can recall what they remember. Ages Encourage kids to stay, play, and travel with a group of friends.

    Develop routines for fire drills, tornado drills etc. Rent safety videos from the library and have a movie night with snacks and talk about commln your child saw and learned from the video afterward. Teach kids about how traffic signals work and basic traffic signs so they can cross the street properly, alone if needed. Keep this rule consistent. The result though is that many bosses complain that their millennial hires, even if brilliant and promising, often lack basic competencies like managing their time, setting priorities, and making sound judgment calls.

    Is the only possible response to tear out your hair in frustration as you wait for time to hopefully knock some sense into your young talent? For instance, if your millennial hire is terribly at allocating his time, Tulgan says the solution isn't annoyance but more communication. Let them know your thinking process.

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