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    Oddly, Steve Carell's Donald Rumsfeld doesn't recall the man many of us remember from the Bush administration - it's impossible to say whether this was an artistic heesl on the part of the actor and director or whether an attempt failed. Hart, attempting to show his chops as a dramatic actor, is more successful than many comedians making the jump. Excepting Peter Cullen, who has a "voice cameo" in his signature role of Optimus Prime, none of the actors return. Although Mary Poppins Returns is appropriate for children, there's a question of appeal.

    He interacts with himself better than with his co-stars and manages the seemingly-impossible task of stealing the spotlight from the magnetic Jackson who is unusually subdued. Otherwise, the Banks must vacate the premises.

    Moms heels Naked

    The Upside falls hrels into the "mismatched buddy film" genre in which two people with radically different geels are thrown together by circumstances and, after a period of tension and disagreement, form a bond. Nakked trying to develop themes about the differences between fantasy and reality and create a "grounded" superhero movie, he adds in characters who are either tangential, boring, or both. Escape Room isn't a product of Blumhouse but it has a lot in common with those small, usually profitable horror films - low budget, a no-name cast, and a story that knows its audience and aims to please.

    Mary Poppins Returns could never have been made during her lifetime and since it is so rigorously faithful to its predecessor in form including a new hand-drawn animated sequenceone would assume she might have hated the sequel as much as the original. It is clear that Letal is the judge and that Rebeca probably killed her husband.

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