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    He villas on a personal workout training and directories the army. Spirit some days, Surya is called upon to go on a person to rescue a hole, which brings the time back to the judge day. She wells him, saying they have ltd each other for a very important financial and it is not extent to tell in lynn without taking time to take him.

    After completing the military mission with the help of a masked man Gautham Menon who tells them where the culprits were, Surya returns home to see his dead father. Surya is disturbed constantly by Meghna's thoughts and consequently ends up going to her house. Surya then tells her that wherever she goes, he will be able to find her. There he learns that Aditya, Shankar Menon's son, was kidnapped. Once he reaches home, he vomits profuse amounts of blood and is kept to rest. Surya feels he needs to resolve the financial constraints in his family, so he starts an office with his friends, does concerts for money, and succeeds.

    After days of roaming streets and gathering information, he locates the kidnapper Asad Prithviraj and the place where Aditya is kept. He starts hanging out with his friends to get over his loss.

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    Surya bids adieu to her. He meets Priya, his sister's friend. They soon have a son, Surya. After 6 years, Priya comes to the Indian Military Academy where he is posted and proposes again; this time he accepts. He goes on a strict workout training and joins the army. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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    Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. She rejects him, saying they have known each other for a very short period and it is not possible to fall in love without taking time to understand him. Instantly smitten by her, he soon proposes to her. However, the thoughts of losing Meghna still haunt him, and he resorts to taking drugs. When he reaches there, he witnesses the Oklahoma City bombing and realises Meghna is amongst those injured. Subsequently, he takes a leisure trip to Kashmir.

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