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    Rotating head[ preszure ] During circulating with a rotating head the bottomhole pressure is equal to the hydrostatic pressure on the annular side, plus the annular pressure loss, plus the rotating head backpressure. Circulating a kick out[ edit ] Bottomhole pressure is equal to hydrostatic pressure on the annular side, plus annular pressure loss, plus preessure casing pressure. For subsea, add choke line pressure loss. Formation integrity test[ edit ] An accurate evaluation of a casing cement job as well as of the formation is extremely important during the drilling of a well and for subsequent work. Casing depths, well control options, formation fracture pressures and limiting fluid weights may be based on this information.

    This test is first: Whichever test is performed, some general points should be observed. The fluid in the well should be circulated clean to ensure it is of a known and consistent density. If mud is used for the test, it should be properly conditioned and gel strengths minimized. The pump used should be a high-pressure, low-volume test or cementing pump. Rig pumps can be used if the rig has electric drives on the mud pumps, and they can be slowly rolled over. If the rig pump must be used and the pump cannot be easily controlled at low rates, then the leak-off technique must be modified. It is a good idea to make a graph of the pressure versus time or volume for all leak-off tests.

    To determine the fracture gradient around the casing shoe and therefore establish the upper limit of the primary well control for the presssure hole section botom the current casing. To investigate well bore capability to withstand pressure below the casing shoe in order to validate or invalidate the well engineering plan regarding the casing shoe setting depth. U-tube concepts[ edit ] It is often helpful to visualize the well as a U-tube as in Figure beside. Column Y of the tube represents the annulus and column X represents the pipe string in the well.

    Bottom hole pressure Well

    presssure The bottom of the U-tube represents the bottom of the well. In most cases, there are fluids creating hydrostatic pressures in both the pipe and annulus. Atmospheric pressure can be omitted, since it works the same on both columns. If the fluid in both the pipe and annulus are of the same density, hydrostatic pressures would be equal and the fluid would be static on both sides of the tube.

    If the fluid in the annulus is heavier, it will exert more pressure downward and will flow into the string, displacing some of the lighter fluid out of the string causing a flow at surface. The Well bottom hole pressure level will fall in the annulus, equalizing pressures. When there is a difference in the hydrostatic pressures, the fluid will try to reach balance Welll. You have total of hydrostatic pressure of 4, psi at the beginning. Currently, you have psi of hydrostatic at the bottom therefore bkttom have psi of hydrostatic holf top of gas. See the figure below. Apply hydrostatic pressure concept to solve this problem. If the well is shut in and the gas Wsll is allowed to migrate, gas pressure will remain constant; however, bottom hole pressure and casing pressure will increase.

    If you let casing pressure surface pressure increase too much, you can break formation or damage surface equipment. The surge and swab pressures are affected by the pipe movement speed, clearness between drill string and hole and also fluid properties. Fig Swabbing and Surging The trip margin is an increase in the drilling fluids density to compensate the bottom hole pressure decrease in the case of losing the circulating pressure or when the swab pressure is created when pulling the drill string. The trip margin has to be estimated accurately. Too large safety margin can cause loss of circulation and too small can allow the well to kick Click Here.

    The differential pressure between the bottom hole pressure and the formation pressure can take three situations, overbalance, underbalance and balanced. Overbalance when the bottom hole pressure is greater than the formation pressure, underbalance when the formation pressure is greater than the bottom hole pressure. At balanced is when the formation pressure and the bottom hole pressure are equals. Formation Tests Testing the formation is very important which can give very valuable information for the current operations and the future planned projects. Casing depth, well control solutions and drilling fluids densities are based on the data recovered from these tests.

    In order to evaluate the strength of the formation, leak off test or formation integrity testes can be performed. There are some rules which have to be guaranteed before carrying these tests.

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