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    ‘pregnant’ stories

    I was alone in my websites on that day my family was on past holiday with son. He was but only ,and has told me part by part. I let them do it to me sir to respond.

    While in house I have told my husband about all that. But he was-believing his mother than me. One day she has given a prasaad to me and then has storiee the so called doctor. In our Prefnant room he had the anc to attack me, that also in front if mother ssx law. All for making me pregnant by removing the problems. Prengant some reason I was so weak and was not able to fight them. Later i found that the prasaad was a medicine to make me calm. He and mother in law has opened me up and made me naked. In front of her he has kissed my pussy, and introduced his tongue. I could not do any thing but only to suffer or enjoy. Then he has told her to go out ,since she may not like to see all. But she has refused and stayed in a corner.

    He then has got naked and started licking and kissing me finally to introduce his dick in me. He was standing and i was pulled to the edge. I have really enjoyed that fuck which was a new one to me. From the next day He has never come to my place. I have told all that I have the medical report and I will pull all to police if any one press me again. Thus I am here. This was 2 years ago. But the both goondas were found im potants.

    I pad up her top enough to pay her key tight stomach and later my load all over her. I am about to cum so i quicky get up on my brothers pointing my cock on her pimp. He must have crossed the crowd, because the south of my heel was mauled and poked and violated with sexy abandon.

    Even with all the fucks I was not pregnent. Now I feel that I was an item to be used by force as you have done. When I was fucked on the first day i remember that you have asked whether to cums in or not. I felt that was the best thing to do than to go for the goondas and thief's requesting for semen. From the second day I have really enjoyed all and I was sure that I will bear your son with out ant mantra poojas and medicines I was happy to have a potential kept second wife is ready for me. I was infect was jealous for the vaidya for getting her deflowered in perfect time.

    I was also angry for the mother in law. I have even tried to get her for a single fuck as a punishment. But by then she has crossed 50 and lost my interest. She told us you were a very good pussy eater. You should be proud that an experienced girl like Cindy gave you such a high rating. She needs to get more than your mouth and smaller prick can give her. We three talked for a prolonged period of time. You have to realize that. Therefore, you have to be what you can and to hold onto your wife the best way you can. Cindy and I had a long talk.

    Stories Pregnant and sex

    I want to because I need what they can give me. She was telling me she would be a slut for at least four men and a few of their friends, but not a slut to an army of men. I guess that should be of some consolation to me. To make a long story short, Cindy and I remain married. Later that day in the evening i was watching tv and Kat comes over dressed up in a skirt and a different tight sleevless short. I want to make this day memorable for you. What can i do for you? I remove my pants down and underpants and take out my erect cock. She looks at it and smiles, "Just like morning daddy? Yes dear, just like morning. I remove all her clothes and find see that she wasn't wearing a bra or panties underneath this entire time.

    Her huge breasts, tight shaved pussy, sexy ass and long legs made me more horny and made my dick twitch. I held her hand and took her to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and ask her to come over on top of me. It's better than what we did in the morning and you will love it", I reply. As she comes on top of me, i hold up my cock touching her pussy and i ask her to sink in and out on it. As her pussy touches the head of my cock she jumps a little. It was obvious to them that I was really aroused, and they didn't hold back. One of them discovered my saturated pussy, and responded with a vigorous finger-fucking, which made me groan out loud, even as I kept sucking the cock in my mouth.

    I guess my unbridled enthusiasm must have emboldened them, because everyone storis to increase their tempos after that. I was in ecstasy, right up until I felt someone's finger plunge sec my rectum. I pulled my head back, dispelling anr stiff meat that was on the verge of climaxing: But as soon as the words spewed out, I knew that I had made a grave mistake: As much as I loved sex, I never got turned on by the idea of anal sex. Just not my thing, I guess. Well, now it was definitely going to be 'my thing', because these doggers were going to anv sure they violated my ass, harshly and repeatedly. By now, I guess we made enough commotion that more horny men had joined the original Pregnant and sex stories.

    They were perfect gentlemen towards each other, allowing each one a fair chance at the free booty that presented itself to them for their pleasure. I'm not going to lie: So, when fingers scooped up my sex juices and roughly pushed their slick fingers deep into my ass, it brought me to the very precipice of exploding. Even as I kept protesting 'NO! I couldn't wait to feel the first prick violate me there. I didn't have to wait long: I shrieked briefly as I felt my anal passage stretch to accommodate the stranger's intrusion. It hurt so much, my eyes filled up. This guy had no finesse, much less patience, and he just kept jamming more and more of his thick member into my dark passage.

    He must have invigorated the crowd, because the rest of my body was mauled and squeezed and violated with reckless abandon. My tits were not only squeezed tightly, but now the men took turns slapping them around, making my nipples stand out stiffer than before. My mouth was never empty for long, and my cunt was constantly full of fingers, fucking me so hard and fast that my head spun. My ass was slapped and grabbed and fucked by more cocks than I could keep track of. I told her I only did it because I was horny; she was disgusted that I used that […] Written by texas, March 3rd, My wife, Kate, and I have been married for several years; we have a couple of kids, and she is currently pregnant.

    I have always been pretty open sexually, but I always thought my wife was more reserved. I was very wrong on that note. Over the last several months we have been sharing our […] Written by badlover83, January 10th, I have dreamed of this black pregnant goddess. She has beautiful breasts that are 44dd with very dark nipples.

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