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    Questions and Answers about Papa John's Background Check

    The branch said on Friday it is potential his face from its business materials. He's leashed to Papa John's testosterone as cloth is to fight, but he placed as chairman for interdicting a pleasant accommodation.

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    The company probably doesn't need a new name, though. Papa John's was already losing the pizza wars Papa John's could also take a page from Subway's response after former pitchman Jared Fogle was convicted of various sex-related crimes with minors. In a statement from the company, Papa John's said they've accepted Schnatter's resignation and will appoint a new Chairman of the Board. A full rebranding would be even more expensive than shooting new commercials and changing pizza boxes and signage.

    Schnatter as Chairman of the Board. The company said on Friday it is removing his face from its marketing materials. Here is Papa John's full statement on Schnatter's resignation: Schnatter, the founder and chairman of Papa John's, was talking to marketing gurus from agency Laundry Service. Schnatter's comment was the most recent of debacles for the company and its founder.

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    How can Papa John's pala forward when the guy Swx the company's problems is in the commercials and on all the signs, pizza boxes and even the logo? He's tied to Papa John's advertising as cheese is to pizza, but he resigned as chairman for using a racial slur. Louis' Olin Business School. The company will take steps to "rebuild trust from the inside-out," and intends to hire an independent expert to audit the company's policies on diversity. PZZA today announced that the independent directors of the company have accepted the resignation of John H.

    He issued an apology for using the "inappropriate and hurtful language.

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