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    Normally so sensible, so mature, so wise, how could pporn do this day after day and think he wouldn't be huxband out, our whole relationship wouldn't be threatened, the consequences wouldn't be dire? Huge downs - I felt like an "old bag" beside the nubile women I imagined he'd been looking at. Strangely, I felt turned on. Two days later, the therapist said it was "amazing" that we had unlocked this memory, particularly together.

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    And I thought hussband just been checking for emails. The pupils at his new school were way behind those at the old. It made him feel safe, he said, like when he was a boy and was tied up in cowboy and Indian games. Names such as "Spanking", "Fetish" Everything about his life made sense. John had a low libido, didn't lech at other women and had not looked at porn mags since he was a teenager.

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    Was he really homosexual, transvestite? Huge ups - cuddling, sharing like we've never done before, about sex, about everything. Waking at 2am, talking intensely in the small hours, often ending up with intimacy and laughter. One moment I would be understanding and forgiving, the next furious and distrustful.

    It was 5pm and pon world turned upside down. We were both in our 50s, and our sex life had taken a big dip. Though distraught at what was happening to his education, they had their own problems.

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