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    That's what they want, and we will keep an eye on public offensive comments. Allowed hosts - We do not allow the major commercial porn sites as they invite spam and pros pretending to be amateur. No Selling - We don't mind if known sellers contribute content here too, but the content itself must be free, must not be an advertisement, and you may not engage in any selling inside this sub. Be respectful of the opinions of other commenters.

    And tube Amateur

    Share your Gonewild Videos here. If you don't like a video, simply move on. Be respectful - Be polite and kind to anyone with the bravery to submit videos of themselves. Videos only - This is a video-oriented subreddit and only videos are accepted. Videos must be yours - The video must be amateur of nature unpaid. If you are asked to verify, you will not be able to post until you do so our bot will automatically delete your posts. Don't post your face unless you want to become a porn star. See this post for list of banned hosts.

    Post a video of A,ateur that also includes all of the following. If you disagree or don't like a comment, simply ignore it. For each of these pieces of information, they may either be written on a piece of paper, card, whiteboard, your skin, etc or may also be spoken by someone on screen such that it's clearly not a voiceover.

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