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    Mark Jackson started out his first shop in Virginia Highlands with only square feet back inand they have since grown to over square feet, taking up every available retail space in Ansley Square, where they are currently located. They have two stores: The Gift Card Boutique, a gay and lesbian variety store specializing in gay pride, and anything else one sexed, and Brushstrokes Pleasures, an adult only store. They are open until The thing that makes Brushstrokes unique, is the selection. Brushstrokes offers everything adult that honesty is in existence, and that's no joke.

    They also have a video rental selection of over 13, titles, and the staff is amazing and dedicated. I walked very slow up the steps swinging my ass back and forth so they could all see my shaved pussy ass. I always wear slutty perfume so I am pretty sure this turns them on even more. I layed down on the bed and barely had time to inhale on my poppers when this guy with a huge white cock grabbed my head and bent me down to start sucking him. As I was throating his cock I kept hitting the popppers anyway wondering if he was going to split my ass wide open with this massive cock. After about 15 minutes of sucking my jaw is till sore lol I came up for air and more popppers.

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    Hope to see you there The other blasted in right behind me. Combined I get off if I go there????.

    I guess the lunch crowd was ready yeorgia action. I was the only crossdresser there and evidently they were all there for me! I had someone take a few pictures and will try to post at a later date. I finally satisfied all of them and went to the third floor to wash up again.

    As I was coming down to the second floor a very handsome business like man asked me to follow him. I did of course and was led in another area where he unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his pants down to reveal an even bigger cock that the last few!!!! I kept asking myself where did these guys come from?? He was shaved nicely and was very gentle in the beginning.

    His cock was so hard as I slid it in my mouth and I slowly deep throated him. Do any couples go to the Buford Twin Adult Theater during the day? If so, which days are best? By jackyldo on Friday, January 28, - 5: Buford Hi way Twin and the Belvedere were both raided in late Dec. I didn't know that Buford HiWay Twin was raided I had only been there once. By northgeorgia on Friday, February 4, - 1: Buford highway did get raided. To beat all thay put the photos of the guys arrested on the local news broadcast. By bluecga on Saturday, March 5, - 6: I saw that news cast with those poor batards from Buford Hiway Twin.

    Watch out for internet escort agencies in Atlanta also. The fulton county police and atlanta police set up sting operations on them about 3 months ago.

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