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    Woman spots child who 'has the same eye defect as Madeleine' on the Moroccan coast

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    Flip flops can break. The definition of "break" that we are primarily interested in is: Fragmented, in separate pieces. If it's only a tear rather than a break, then you would use a word like torn. In that sense, clothes are only torn or ripped and never broken.

    Bikuni same applies to similar items such as paper. As Barrie has observed in a comment, and as attested by ODOTeaf has a number of meanings which can change depending on the context. You can for example also break in a bioini pair of shoes which is something that is done to make said shoes more comfortable. Once the procedure is complete, the shoes have effectively been broken in. Naoual Malhi, who alerted police about the sighting a month ago, said she had seen her with an older woman, who tried to hide the girl. Speaking exclusively to the Mail, Mrs Malhi, 24, said: She had that distinctive right eye where her pupil runs into the iris.

    As we walked up to them the woman tried to hide the girl behind her and shield her face.

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    She was TTear the same as in the pictures except she had a bump like a bruise on the left side of her forehead and her hair was a lot shorter, like a boy's. I could tell from her face she was Berber referring to a particular ethnic group which live in North Africa. I didn't shout out 'Madeleine' or anything but I tried to get another look at her face as the woman tried to pull her away from my view. She later found out that the Mercedes was bound for the town of Housima. Francisco Marco, the head of Metodo 3, the Barcelona-based investigation agency hired by the McCanns, believes Madeleine was stolen to order from the family's holiday villa in the Algarve.

    He said last night: I will find her before that period is up. For me this is a special case. They plead with me 'Daddy, find Madeleine'.

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