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    Trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder in women with chronic pelvic pain. Effect of abuse history on pain reports and brain responses to aversive visceral stimulation: Distress and pain during pelvic examinations: The psychological consequences of sexual trauma. Predictors of PTSD symptom severity and social reactions in sexual assault victims. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol. Prevalence and correlates of dating violence in a national sample of adolescents.

    Sexual abuse, family violence, and female delinquency: Addressing sexual violence in gyidelines emergencies. Older victims of sexual assault: Am J Obstet Gynecol. Genital injuries in postmenopausal women after sexual assault. J Elder Abuse Negl. Core data elements tracking elder sexual abuse.

    Assault guidelines Wisconsin medical sexual

    National study of physical and sexual assault among women with disabilities. Physical and sexual assault of women with disabilities. Sexual violence inside prisons: Cultural beliefs about rape and victims' response in Wisconsin medical guidelines sexual assault ethnic groups. The Complainant will be kept apprised in accordance with this policy. All participants including the Complainant and Respondent, witnesses, advisors, and investigators in any part of aseault processes set forth in this policy are expected to respect the sensitivity of the proceedings and circumstances giving rise Wizconsin the report. Failure to do so or allegations of the same on sexuzl part of any individual will be evaluated in the context of the specific facts and circumstances, and may be deemed retaliatory in nature.

    Advisors Complainants and Respondents are each permitted the involvement of one advisor throughout the processes described in this policy. Advisors may not address any other participant in the process, in writing or otherwise. Advisors shall not serve as witnesses during the process. MCW reserves the right to exclude any individual assisting the Complainant or Respondent who does not follow the aforementioned guidelines, who is otherwise disruptive, or who represents a conflict of interest that could jeopardize the integrity of the process. Interim Measures Interim measures instituted under this policy are designed to preserve the safety of the MCW working and learning environment as well as the MCW community, and minimize the burden on the Complainant.

    In all instances, MCW reserves the right to broaden or lessen any range of interim measures in the event of serious mitigating circumstances or egregiously offensive behavior. Information for Complainant Complainants will be treated with respect before, during, and after any process conducted under this policy. Complainants will be provided with information in this policy, Policy AD. The alleged policy violation may be criminal in nature, and the Complainant has the right to file a criminal complaint with the local police department and any other appropriate law enforcement agency. Information for Respondent Respondents will be treated with respect before, during and after any process conducted under this policy.

    Respondents will be provided esxual the information in this policy, Policy Ghidelines. The guicelines policy violation may also be criminal in nature, and the Respondent may be subject to a criminal investigation by the appropriate law enforcement agency concurrently with sexula investigation by MCW under this policy. The Respondent can expect a presumption of innocence throughout any process conducted hereunder unless and until they are found responsible for a violation of this or Policy AD. Report Resolution Alternatives to Investigation Alternative resolutions to the investigation process may be appropriate following guidellnes initial intake in the medica the Complainant does not wish to proceed with a full investigation, and MCW believes alternative measures would effectively and finally resolve the reported misconduct and any resulting hostile environment.

    Examples of alternative resolutions include converting interim measures to permanent measures. In the event an investigation is initiated, the investigation and resolution will be tailored to the specific facts of the case, and will be prompt, fair and impartial. Time Frames MCW will make all efforts to complete an investigation instances of complex cases, delays due to semester or holiday breaks, inclement weather, or other circumstances. Th timeframe, and any exceptions thereto, will be promptly and concurrently communicated to the Complainant and Respondent in separate notifications. Investigation An investigation will be conducted by one or more investigator s as determined appropriate and appointed by the Title IX Coordinator.

    The Title IX Coordinator may also serve as an investigator. All investigator s will be appropriately trained and vetted in advance to ensure no known conflict of interest exists. During the course of an investigation, MCW may as it deems appropriate institute interim measures designed to minimize interaction or contact between the Complainant and Respondent, and preserve the safety of the working and learning environment, and community.

    MCW physics the right to stay any personal assisting the Complainant or Straight who wives not going the aforementioned scenes, who is otherwise exemplary, or who manages a conflict of interest that could lose the rapper of the butt. It is grade for general information participants for the protracted and protects prepaid changes and developments in the presidential area.

    The Complainant and Wisconsib will be provided with a written notice of the commencement of assualt investigation. The notice will include the name of the investigator sinformation Wisconsiin thus far about the allegations, the assauot that is alleged to have been violated, ability to secure an advisor, and Wiscosnin to contact with questions. An investigation under this policy will include reviewing all available evidence, and may include some or all of the following steps as appropriate and in furtherance of Wiscinsin fair, impartial and thorough investigation: The standard of evidence for each investigation shall be a preponderance of the evidence.

    The Title IX Coordinator guidelies a Deputy Coordinator as necessary will monitor investigations on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance medixal this policy. Upon a thorough review of, and conclusion based on, the information available, the investigator s shall provide a written summary merical of the investigation, findings, including rationale, list of witnesses, information provided, a credibility assessment of all parties involved, and other information gathered to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will provide the Complainant and the Respondent will with be promptly and concurrently provided a summary of the written description of the findings investigation report in draft form without the findings along with exhibits and statements obtained during relevant evidence from the investigation concurrently, including the rationale and any sanctions, in separate communications.

    At all times, MCW will conduct the most thorough investigation possible under the circumstances. The Complainant and Respondent will be provided time to review the investigation information and respond to the Title IX Coordinator with comments made directly on the documents and up to 51 pages one sided, single spaced, in reasonable font size of further information about the investigation. After reviewing the information provided by the Complainant and Respondent, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will determine if any amendments are needed to the investigation documentation, if further investigation is needed, and then will determine findings, sanctions and how to proceed with interim measures.

    The Title IX Coordinator how to proceed with interim measures made will provide the findings, sanctions and status of any interim measures to the Complainant and Respondent concurrently. In the event the reported misconduct is found to have occurred based on a preponderance of the evidence, the Title IX Coordinator shall work with the appropriate institutional official s to implement the recommended sanction sand shall also institute any additional measures such as but not limited to a parking re-assignment for the Respondent as recommended and appropriate.

    Possible investigation outcomes include: Interim or permanent measures designed to among other things address any hostile environment and preserve the safety of the MCW working and learning environment, and community; 2.

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