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    And I knew it. Just before turning into my neighborhood, two blocks away from my house, I whipped across traffic at the last second into a city park. Unfortunately, my bladder was done doing me favors and as soon as I left the seat of my car, I started peeing uncontrollably. In my work clothes. In the middle of the parking lot. By the time I got behind the super tall bush, I had already peed so much that I figured there was no use in pulling my pants down now, because I was going to be done peeing soon. Only I just kept peeing. Also, my skinny jeans were funneling all of my pee into my nice leather riding boots.

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    My boots were filling up with my own urine and soaking my socks. And I still just kept peeing. By the time I was done, I kid you not, the pockets were the only dry part left on my peeinh. My entire lower half was literally steaming with warmth in Ib crisp fall air. This gives new meaning to the cover photo, eh? At this point I laughed out loud. It was so absurd. Enter question number one: After the shock of what just happened wore off, I made my way back to my car, feet sloshing around in all the urine in my boots. Once I pulled in the garage, I turned off the car and just sat there for a second, wondering if I can recover from this. I waddled to the back deck and took off my boots and dumped all the urine out.

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    Pants peeing In

    If you pesing this in, you will be marked as a peenig. I'd like to receive the free pangs course. Send it on over! Doctors should ask all children with urinary tract infections if they have problems with daytime wetting. Some other causes of daytime wetting a twitchy or 'overactive' bladder which may lead to wet pants or urgency a weak outlet valve which may lead to wet pants when laughing, coughing or straining urinary tract infections constipation which can lead to wet pants as well as soiling problems with the nerves from the lower spinal cord - this may be associated with weakness in the legs Structural abnormalities in the bladder or the kidney tubes can also cause daytime wetting.

    Symptoms of this include pain while weeing, a poor wee stream or continuous dribbling wee.

    Daytime wetting is rarely due to disease or child abuse. What can I do to help? Do be In pants peeing and peeint - reassure your child, especially if they are upset respond gently if your child is wet even if you feel angry - they do not want it to happen either give peeinv child plenty of fluid during the day - children may try to drink less to reduce the amount of wee but the slow bladder filling makes it harder to feel the bladder filling up and makes the problem worse avoid drinks with caffeine such as tea, chocolate and fizzy drinks teach your child to relax and take time when doing wee - girls should learn to wee with their legs apart and smaller girls may find a footstool helpful provide spare underwear or a panty liner for school - the smell of wee may embarrass your child and lead to teasing Don't punish your child for what they can't control use nappies or plastic pants if your child is over 4 or is embarrassed When should I seek help?

    It is important that children with daytime wetting see a doctor with children's problems experience. The doctor will take a detailed history of the problem and examine your child.

    A diary with the following information is very helpful: If your pwnts doctor suspects a psychological pantd, they may refer your child for help in this area. What tests will my child need? Your child may have laboratory tests on blood and wee to rule out any medical conditions. Your child may need an ultrasound scan or x-ray to check the bladder and kidneys. Occasionally a child may need cystoscopy. A urologist will so this. A urologist is a doctor specially trained in bladder and urinary system conditions. The urologist uses a tube to look for any abnormalities in the bladder outlet. They may also do urodynamics - a test to see how the bladder and urethra are doing their job of storing and releasing wee.

    How do you treat daytime wetting? Daytime wetting can be very distressing and dysfunctional voiding can last for a long time. Voiding means passing wee.

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