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    Brignoni is committed to teaching others, in Cabinetmakef young people, hoping someone will continue the woodworking art and culture of the Virgin Islands. He is always a presenter at the St. Brignoni has mentored a few students he hopes will continue the craft. He is adamant about teaching how to handle tools correctly and safely.

    In virgin islands Cabinetmaker the jobs

    His main focus is teaching the wood turning of bowls, vases vrigin candle holders, which he has a passion for. And they need to do it well. Brignoni has even gone so far as to teach anyone willing to learn to come to his wood shop and gain some one-on-one hands-on training. I personally took advantage of this and brought along some young teens anxious to learn. Brignoni at the last Career Fair and thanked him publicly for his time and talents, which have been a benefit to hundreds of school personnel and the community throughout the years. Brignoni was born on St. Brignoni is Italian, Japanese and Puerto Rican.

    His parents moved from Vieques to St. Ixlands in Professional Fields Although a large service islnads in the U. I supports the islands number one industry — tourism, there are other employment possibilities in government, health, law, journalism, education and other private industries. There are generally jobs of all types available; teachers, nurses, doctors, secretaries, paralegals, accountants, professors, chefs, managers. Some professions, in particular nursing and teaching, are in constant demand so jobs in these fields are often available and can be pursued from home.

    Teachers There are both public and private elementary and high schools in the Virgin Islands. There is also a university with two campuses. Some private schools have web sites, they often contain employment information. Health Occupations and Nurses. I really want to break free from mainland life again and get back to living. I know you have to hustle and work hard to afford it and I'm ok with it and pretty used to it here as well to afford an expensive house I thought might keep me happy enough to stay in Minnesota lol. As far as work goes I'm a forklift operator for a busy manufacturing company I know I won't find that job on any island here, but have 6 years of carpentry experience and 3 years of cabinetry experience.

    I did cabinetry on Oahu and the Big Island. Is there much opportunity for cabinet makers or carpenters there?

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    I've been out of carpentry for almost a decade, but wouldn't mind at islsnds going Cabinetmakwr into it if I was giving a chance. If I could do some sort of work with boating I would Cabinetmqker in heaven, but I have no experience besides about 10 books on sailing that I haven't had a chance to put to use yet. I plan to do a pre-move visit to play it safe but I might not if the job opportunities aren't horrible. Puerto Rico was actually a pre-move that I decided not to go through with because the job prospects looked scarce and I don't Spanish which the locals told me is kind of a necessity.

    I did make a lot of friends in a short time there. I was really surprised how welcoming and generous everyone was.

    I got lost in a sketchy San Juan neighborhood that was like a maze because the road was too narrow for two cars and nowhere to turn around and I kept getting deeper and deeper into it until I had no idea how to get out anymore. I started noticing people looked shocked to see me there so I no choice left but to trust my gut and stop to ask someone to help me get going in the right direction. The man I talked to was so shocked to see me and said it's not safe and I gotta get out of there. He went and got his two daughters and had them drive their car in front of me not only out of the bad area but all the way from San Juan to Fajardo!

    Once we got there they wouldn't accept money for gas or anything! It's one of the kindest things I ever experienced on my travels. Before I went there all I kept hearing is the traffic is twice as bad as NYC and the crime is 4 times as bad lol. In the Philippines I was told I would but shot or kidnapped for being white in Mindanao, but found some of the nicest and friendliest people I've ever known.

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