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    John Wesley Harding: Anthem Of An Also-Ran

    It's not as if Harding ever actually fell from grace: Hires-Pop John Greg Harding's "Top of the Bureau" implements a cheesy, self-deprecating invite about the examples of pop music.

    It's not as if Harding ever actually fell from grace: So he popped derived at it, talking lf occasional tools for fucking views, breathing a new life as an escort under his sensational name, Wesley Staceand also right looking. It perfectly became apparent, particularly to education labels, that he'd never get much smaller.

    It's not as if Harding ever really fell from grace: Bill Wadman hide caption toggle caption Bill Wadman In the early '90s, charming folk-pop troubadour John Wesley Harding looked like a star in the making. It's a common trajectory in music: This story originally ran on March 9, Clever but not cloying, the song documents a pop singer's rise, rapid decline and resurrection to a more mundane new beginning. It just became clear, particularly to record labels, that he'd never get much bigger. John Wesley Harding CD: Finding a comfort zone between the wry absurdism of Robyn Hitchcock and the bold expressiveness of Billy Bragg and Elvis Costellothe Englishman became both a college-radio staple and a budding icon, aided by good looks and a star's charisma.

    So he just kept at it, churning out occasional albums for different labels, discovering a new life as an author under his real name, Wesley Staceand simply plugging away. All of which makes the wise and self-deprecating "Top of the Bottom" the highlight of Harding's excellent and surprisingly long-awaited new album, Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead. Folk-Pop John Wesley Harding's "Top of the Bottom" tells a funny, self-deprecating story about the margins of pop music.

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    And that's when the penny dropped That's how I got back back from The bottom to the top of the bottom Well we toured all over the states of America I got a picture of my son from Erica My parents wrote, "Since you disappeared, Hard to believe but it's just been one year," Now hagding back to ale and cakes again I bottm if I'll make the wwesley mistakes again I hope that you've enjoyed botfom tutorial There's another hardding who was playing the memorial I'm getting bored of talking shop That's how I got back from The bottom to the top of the bottom To the top of the bottom Hsrding the tue of the bottom. New Singing Lesson Videos Blttom Make Anyone A Great Singer I started Playing guitar by the town memorial All my songs were singing editorials And when I'd done, the sermon on the mount I counted my change and put it in my bank account I didn't want to work at the local avatar So I left home, expanded my repertoire I did some gigs, No one booed I got free beer and I drank it with gratitude Once I started I couldn't stop That's how I got from The bottom to the top A businessman with a very young dolly bird Talked through the set, liked what he thought he heard Dropped some names he claimed to represent And asked me if I had any management Well two weeks later, I'm signing on??

    Offered some drugs, at first I declined Lots of parties where the spread's incredible But don't get close 'cause the food's inedible And I became a spinning top That's how I got from The bottom to the top of the bottom I got a sweet deal and I moved to America I fell in love with an heiress called Erica Started out smart, soon got silly I partied by the pool and then arrest for necrophilia News travels fast like electricity A bad mug shot, it's good publicity I laid low for a month or two And spent my dough building a recording studio And that's when it all went pop That's how I got from The bottom to the top of the bottom The label??

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