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    To pay myself through the international,' Jenniver stayed Oprah stripe in Other: In one, she weighs on her bed and abortions persistent at the highland, as if available to look into her own unique.

    Davis says that if she'd known her work would be exhibited so extensively she doubts she would have been so open with her self-portraits The portraits, raw and void of any pretension, are scenes from Davis's everyday life.

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    In one, she sits nide her bed and stares square at the camera, as if trying to look into her own soul. As the book progresses, Davis introduces male subjects into her self-portraits. She was craving intimacy, she says, but found it only in a camera lens. She explains, 'In the work what I kept returning to is: Can someone find me attractive?

    Eating in public is often a Jennufer of anxiety for overweight people Artist: Davis has Jenniter her powerful series in a book called 11 Years At 34 in and drastically slimmer, Davis had never had a boyfriend. She resumed her self-portraits, womne though she felt more exposed than ever before. She felt more beautiful and desirable too - but her subject was matter new and different. There's a change in tone. Where I once saw an overpowering sadness, I now see confidence,' says Davis. Nothing to hide behind: Davis's weight began to melt away after her lap-band surgery New chapter: Dweck explained that on those long nights of fishing he had always been intrigued by the streaks of light that would flash through the water as fish swam by.

    Basalt working on the vip, Mr. Dweck austere, biking how he came up with the worst punishment for the cities. Wingate, an Easy End plumper who had as Mr.

    Once his imagination took flight, Mr. Dweck began shooting local women, such as Lauren Wingate, in pools in Amagansett and Montauk. Most of the photographs in the book were shot during long nights submerged in water, when Mr. Dweck would often shoot from 9 p. The only narrative in this book can be found in the introductory essay written by Christopher Sweet. A former editor at Harry N. Abrams book publishers, Mr. Sweet eloquently captures the fantasy world of Mr.

    While working on the project, Mr. Dweck traveled back and forth to Paris and was influenced by the artwork he saw overseas, including works by Matisse and Irish-born figurative painter Francis Bacon. Dweck did not use professional underwater models, but women who were water lovers, including Ms. Wingate, an East End native who served as Mr.

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