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    Prosecutor you bring dogs vegetarian for me to verification. Dick could see Amy was famous and he said his tail eagerly.

    Bart suddenly jumped up. Pirn cock was still rock and his knot beginning to grow. Bart started to hump the air and Amy realised he did like her stroking his big doggie cock. Amy began stroking his cock dsughter again and Bart started humping his cock forward more in her hand. Amy was so excited, her juices were running down her legs. She started playing with her clit with her free hand and Porn daughter dog new she was moaning softly. Amy looked at Bart she moved her face towards his, immediately he Pron kissing her. His tongue entered her mouth and Amy ran her own tongue against her dogs. Bart started Pkrn cum. Amy cried out in her orgasm, she let it take over her body, she had never cum so hard.

    Once she had relaxed she realised she and Bart were still French kissing. She Porn daughter dog new and petted him. Amy went to have a shower. She forgot all about her run. After the shower Amy and Bart went outside to enjoy xog sunshine. It was very warm but Amy liked the heat. Amy lived in a country house that was undisturbed daugjter neighbours. Bart followed Amy to a nice patch of grass in the sun. They put down a blanket and xog down. Dughter had brought a book but was more interested in Bart now.

    She let him kiss her again. She loved Bart, he was her protector. But now she was having sexual feelings towards him. She was thinking of her dog as her sexual partner. This must be wrong she thought. Again I say yes and you follow up by telling me odg you also like girls. I look down at you and you tell me that the punishment is that you are going to have me join you and our dog but only after I have changed into the clothes you decide. I agree and the transformation that will last our lifetime begins. You have me go over to your daughtdr where under your direction, I remove from the drawer a pair of black sheer stockings, a cog of dark panties and a bra.

    You have me bring them over to the bed which I do and you tell me that bad little boys have to be punished daughtr taking off nea clothes. I do as requested and than you have me dress up in the items that I just placed on the bed. I can't believe what I am being asked to do. I hesitate and you tell me that if I do not comply with your requests that I will have to leave the room and that I will be punished later and it will be far worse than anything I can even begin to imagine. Unbelievable, I do as requested, now standing before you with myself encased in sheer stockings, black panties and a sheer bra, you have me come ofer to the side of the bed where you reach for your perfume and spray me with it stating that now we are alike, two slutty little girls.

    You than reach out for my cock and pull me onto the bed and have me lie in front of you as our dog slides his cock into you over and over again. You reach out and start sucking on the cock that is in front of you. It gets even harder. As our dog starts winding down, you put a condom on me and whisper to me the following. When the dog slides out, you are going to come up and slide downward on my cock and penetrate yourself as you bounce up and down on me jiggling your beautiful breasts in my face. I smile and the dog finally runs out of steam and pulls away. It's your turn now, you whisper to me as you come closer up my body and slide forward running your now quite enlarged pussy lips, dripping with mixed dog cum and your juices until you have coated my cock with the juices and than you start sliding backward and the head finds it's mark and is now deep inside of you as you slide forward and backward over and over again, Our stockinged legs adding a sheer sensation to the pleasures that we are mutually enjoying.

    You have me slide my hands over your stockinged leg and beautiful buttocks making sure to grasp onto your stockinged foot holding you tight as you slide back and forth over and over again. You bend down and we passionately kiss as you tell me that you are a total slut for cock, male cockdog cock, just cock and with that I push forward harder and you begin to cum once again. You gaze into my eyes as you tell me that you like your dogs sliding into you, you like your little girls sliding into you and you love your daughter sliding into you and with that I penetrate deep into you once again.

    This cunt-slut will eat your ass out so good Watch Mommy be an ass-whore! Eat her cunt good Lucy while Mommy eats her ass Hammer how good of a couple of pig-sluts we are! Feed your pig your ass! Mmmmm" Lucy's mother whined before Mrs. Hammer shoved her face even deeper into her ass. Hammer chuckled feeling Lucy's mother's soft, wet tongue lapping at her asshole. She held Lucy's face tight against her cunt. Hearing her mother beg to be this woman's ass-whore inflamed the lust in her young body. She wished she could watch her mother eat the woman's ass, but she realized her place was eating this lovely, young woman's cunt with all of her might.

    That's what your Mommy sounds like when the cunt is eating my ass Your slut-mother makes such nasty sounds when she eats ass, don't you think? She sounds just like a little piggy! Eat my cunt, you little bitch! Eat my cunt while your mother-whore cleans my ass for me, slut This is all that bitch-cunts and the mothers of bitch-cunts are good for Hammer rolled with obscene laughter. Lucy and her mother moaned as orgasms waffled through each of their bodies. Pig-Cunt would drive her tongue deep into Mrs. Hammer's tight ass and swirl it around causing the woman to chuckle. Little Lucy in the meantime would do the same with her mother's cunt.

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    Lucy's dazed mother looked up at the woman as she pulled her dress back down over her firm legs. Tears began to swell in Pig-Cunt's eyes. Have I failed to please you? Did my whore-daughter not please you, Ma'am?

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    We'll be better cunts for you! Hammer grabbed Pig-Cunt's hair again and pulled her face toward hers. She spat a huge wad of spittle that hit Lucy's mother between her eyes and slithered down the slut's face. I have plans for the little slut! Hammer said with a laugh. Spit in my fucking face! Beat my little slut-daughter! Do anything to us you want to! I'll bring my cunt-daughter in there for you Do anything to the little bitch you want to, ma'am I'll bring the whore right away. Hammer laughed all the way into the living room. Mistress has plans for the slut Be a good little fuck-slut for Mommy.

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    We have more fun for the whore. When she had dragged her blissful daughter into the living room, she looked around but didn't see Mrs. Afraid that her Mistress was finished playing with her and her daughter, she called out. Here is the little cunt! She's ready for you! I brought the slut! She roared with laughter at the sight that greeted her. Lucy's mother was standing in the middle of the living room. Her huge tits swaying back and forth as she called out. In Pig-Cunt's right hand, she had a handful of Lucy's blonde hair. Her left hand was fingering her own cunt.

    I was afraid you were finished playing with your sluts.

    Here is my whore-daughter for you Mistress What would you like to do the bitch now? For the first time, Lucy's mother noticed the companion Mrs. Hammer had brought into the house. Hammer said releasing the huge tan Great Dane. Hammer Pkrn the front door as the huge dog leapt across the room in a prance. He stopped at Pig-Cunt, looked up at her, then to little Lucy, and then back to Mrs. Hammer repeated as she sat in a chair, hiked her skirt to her waist and began to rub her still tingling cunt. This time Lucy's mother helped make the command clear to the giant dog. She reached down and stroked him behind his ear and pulled the dog's head up to face her. The dog licked Pig-Cunt's lips.

    Lucy's mother opened her lips and sucked the dog's thick, wet tongue into her mouth, giving it a gentle suck before letting it go. It's so good to see you boy. Don't fuck me, fuck my little girl. This little slut here is my daughter, Lucy. Would you like to fuck her? This is your new bitch Porn daughter dog new daughter is your new fuck-bitch! Fuck the shit out of your new bitch! I'll help you, Damion Fuck my daughter's mouth! Lucy's mother held her head up by her hair as she grabbed Damion's ass, pulling him closer to the little girl. Lucy's mother grabbed Damion's cock with one hand and started stroking his cock.

    When his huge red cock began to emerge from it's hairy sheath, she pushed Lucy's lips to it. Damion began to hunch toward the little girl's face. Suddenly Lucy came to. All she could see was the dripping red cock of Damion. Well, I guess I should call you my little bitch-daughter! Damion wants to fuck your mouth. I think that's a good idea I can't wait until Damion is fucking your little slut-mouth like a dog's cunt Be a good little cunt for mommy and open your mouth, cunt. Be a good little fuck-bitch! Let Damion fuck your little whore's-mouth You do want to be a good fuck-bitch for Damion Don't you, little slut?

    Lucy's eyes were fixed on the dripping cock that her mother wiggled in front of her face. She tingled with excitement at the thought of becoming a dog-whore for her mother as Mrs. A small orgasm waved through the girl when spit from Damion's open, panting mouth dripped to her forehead. It seemed to the little slut-girl that the dog was spitting on her You'll be Sssoooo proud of me! Make the dog fuck my mouth! Choke me with his big, red cock! Feed your little slut-daughter the dog cock! Make me a dog-whore, Mommy Make him use my mouth for a bitch's cunt, Mommy! Don't make your bitch-daughter wait! Lucy's mother looked back at Mrs. The brunette was grinning as she finger-fucked her dripping cunt watching the mother wave the dog cock around her daughter's face.

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    Her mother pushed her head forward as Damion's cock speared the little girl's mouth, the two women laughed and began shouting at the little girl. Do it for Mommy! I'm so proud of you! Her nose was rubbed raw on the hairy belly of Damion as he pistoned his thick, red cock in and out of the little girl's mouth. Lucy's mother was still holding the girl's head for Damion when Mrs. Hammer called to her. Crawl over here and eat my cunt, you fucking slut. Eat my cunt while I watch my dog use your little slut-daughter for his whore!

    Lucy's mother dropped the little slut's head. Lucy's head bounced to the floor, but Damion just scooted forward, fucking her mouth all of the while. Damian pinned the little girl's head to the floor. With his body bowed, he fucked her mouth relentlessly. Lucy gagged and choked as the huge dog-cock speared her throat, but she did nothing to protect herself. Lucy reached up and grabbed Damian's haunches, pulling his cock as deep as she could in her mouth. As her mouth filled with the dog's cock-juice, Lucy had another idea. She released her grip on the dog's ass and put her hands over her head.

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